Pace Edwards annouces its changeover to a single part number (kit) ordering system. Inventory and labeling systems have been converted in all their warehouse distributors’ locations and the single part number system is active and fully functioning.

Effective immediately, distributors are able to order by a single part number for BedLocker, JackRabbit Full Metal, JackRabbit, and SWITCHBLADE.  

“We are very excited about the benefits of this new part numbering system for our customers,” stated Vern Kaufman, Pace Edwards sales and business development manager. 

Distributors now only need one part number to order a Pace Edwards truck bed cover for the application they are looking for and will always have matching inventory on the shelf. Everything will be one complete set, according to the manufacturer, which noted that the single part number (kit) system will make ordering Pace Edwards products easier, quicker, and help minimize mistakes.

Pace Edwards SWITCHBLADE truck bed cover pictured.

Pace Edwards SWITCHBLADE truck bed cover pictured. 

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