A Comcast driver was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Jan. 8 after being shot and seriously wounded on the job during an apparent robbery, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The 45-year old Comcast employee had parked his truck in an alley on the South Side of Chicago when two men allegedly approached him, took his cell phone and wallet, and shot him in the stomach, police told the Tribune.

Comcast was unable to provide Utility Fleet eNews an update on the employee’s condition, but did note that safety is a priority for the company.

“We’re committed to the well-being of all of our employees, and we provide training and take precautions to ensure our employees are safe while on the job,” said Angelynne Amores, Comcast director of communications, Greater Chicago Region. “This is shocking news, and our thoughts and prayers go out to our employee and his loved ones. We will continue working with law enforcement as they investigate, and further inquiries are being directed to and handled by the Chicago Police department.”

In 2013, Comcast was the third largest commercial fleet in the U.S., with a reported 36,175 units in operation.