The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has expanded its Goodyear Authorized Retread network with the addition of Colonial Tire Distributors, a Richmond, Va.-based firm that serves trucking fleets with new Goodyear commercial truck tires, Goodyear retreads, and other products and services.

Colonial Tire Distributors, a subsidiary of Colonial Truck Company, which was founded in 1966, sells new Goodyear commercial truck tires and Goodyear retreads at three locations in Virginia: Richmond, Ashland, and Tidewater. Its fully equipped retread plant in Richmond produces premium, high-quality Goodyear precure retreads, including the G572, the G316 AT, and others, according to Colonial Tire Distributors President Bob Barkley.  The company also offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance through the Goodyear-FleetHQ business solutions program.

“Most of our customers are small to-mid-size trucking companies, and we do some large fleet work, as well,” Barkley said. “Regardless of their size, fleets want premium products and services that help them lower their overall operating costs.”

Barkley has seen an uptick in demand for retreads over the last few years, which made joining the Goodyear Authorized Retread network that much more attractive. “Goodyear has been wonderful to work with,” he noted. “The company’s products and services are top-notch, and the technical and sales support that it provides enables us to serve our customers more effectively. We strive to be a full-service provider to the trucking industry. Our connection to Goodyear gives us an important advantage over our competitors.”