Photo via  Wikimedia .

Photo via Wikimedia.

The national average price of gasoline rose 3.2 cents to $3.271 a gallon for the week ending Dec. 23, remaining essentially flat heading toward the end of 2013 just above a three-year low.

The price rise reversed three weeks of incremental declines with a backdrop of increasing U.S. energy production. The average price of gasoline is now 1.4 cents above the same week from a year ago.

Gasoline in Oklahoma and Missouri remain below the $3 level, reports AAA in its Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Gasoline costs an average of $2.917 in Missouri and $2.957 in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fuel remained flat at $3.873 per gallon, a two-tenths of a cent rise from the prior week. Diesel is 5 cents cheaper than a year ago.


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