More than $3 million in Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) were awarded Nov. 7 to 33 companies, counties, and organizations making the switch to compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), or propane for medium- to light-weight fleet vehicles. 

Of the grants, which were awarded by the Corbett Administration, more than $932,000 of the money is going to several utilities, including:

Aero Energy: $52,626 for the purchase of three and conversion of 10 commercial fuel delivery vehicles to operate on propane.

Heller’s Gas: $124,472 to purchase of 10 propane trucks, eight for bulk delivery of gas, and two rack trucks. This project will displace approximately 40,500 gallons of diesel fuel per year.

Pennsylvania American Water Company: $62,800 to purchase 14 CNG bi-fuel vehicles to be used to maintain water service to customers. When the 14 new bi-fuel vehicles are purchased and up-fitted, they will be stationed at the company’s operations in Scranton, Norristown, Royersford, Coatesville, Bangor, Clarion, Warren, and Punxsutawney. The utility plans to apply for more state grants to further increase the size of its CNG-powered fleet in 2014.

VNG Company and Partners: $235,000 to purchase 32 CNG vehicles to support the development of a new public CNG fueling station by VNG. Partner fleets include: Aqua PA, Comcast, and HB Electric Services.

Philadelphia Gas Works: $240,000 to purchase 50 CNG vehicles to demonstrate to its customers the financial viability of CNG as a fleet fuel. In October, the utility originally announced the rollout of 24 natural gas vehicles in spring 2014.

Aqua Pennsylvania Inc.: $86,812 to purchase 14 new vans, which will run on clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG). The vans will be added to Aqua’s growing fleet of CNG vehicles, including two bi-fuel pickup trucks, two dump trucks and five additional vans. Aqua will use the new vans to serve water customers in the inspection of pipeline restoration work. To date, the company has invested $675,000 in CNG through vehicle purchases and infrastructure upgrades.

McKean Plumbing Heating and Supply Company: $20,000 for the conversion of two vehicles to propane and purchase of three propane delivery and service vehicles.

Shipley Energy Company York: $75,700 to retrofit 10 gasoline-powered HVAC service vans to bi-fuel CNG and replace three service vans with three brand new dedicated CNG vehicles.

Shipley Energy Company Hanover: $35,000 for the conversion of 10 service vehicles to propane bi-fuel.

Pennsylvania State Rep Keith Gillespie even posted a congratulatory status Nov. 7 on his Facebook for the Shipley Energy companies.