New dynamic technologies on Nissan's all-new 2014 Rogue include such features as Active Trace Control, Active Engine Braking, and Active Ride Control.

Active Trace Control comes on all of the new 2014 Nissan Rogue models.

During a hands-on demonstration of how the technologies in Active Trace Control work together, Nissan Engineer Matthew Hart, who helped to design the system, said that Corner Brake Assist - that's part of Active Trace Control - helps give drivers more confidence when maneuvering their car.

A similar improvement happens when Hart toggled off and on another technology that's part of Active Trace Control called Active Under Steer.

"It will use the power from the engine as well as corner braking to follow the intended path. If I toggle the system on and I am keeping the same angle with the steering wheel, now it's keeping right next to the cones and keeping that line a lot better," said Hart.

The 2014 Rogue's new Active Ride Control feature is automatically turned on. And, the new Rogue's Active Engine Braking feature works when a driver is slowing down quickly. Hart said the system gives the driver subtle assistance to help brake more confidently.

Watch a video below: 


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet