Parker Hannifin Corporation, a provider of motion and control technologies, has announced that refuse trucks equipped with its RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System are approaching one million miles of operation.

According to the company, the Autocar E3 refuse trucks equipped with the RunWise system continue to report 99 percent uptime and fuel savings averaging 43 percent.

As the trucks accumulate miles in operation and consistently provide significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, Parker's Hybrid Drive Systems Division has added new customers and received follow-on orders from several fleets already using the system. The City of Orlando, Fla., placed an order to test several trucks equipped with RunWise and have placed follow on orders for more vehicles. The City of New Braunfels, Texas, recently submitted a second order as they aim to increase the efficiency of their waste collection fleet. Miami-Dade County in south Florida has been operating Autocar E3 refuse trucks equipped Parker's RunWise technology for several years and placed a significant follow-on order for more vehicles, which were delivered and placed in service in September 2013, according to the company.

The system also continues to elicit positive testimonials from operators of trucks equipped with RunWise hydraulic hybrid technology, detailing their positive driving experiences and increased route productivity.

"The hybrid truck shifts very smooth, especially compared to a conventional transmission," commented Jonathan Fletcher, a refuse truck operator with Advanced Disposal. "The drive is quick and responsive, without the roughness or noise of a standard truck, so both our drivers and the customers we collect for appreciate the impact RunWise makes."