Dominion, one of the nation's largest producers and transporters of energy, has published its sixth annual Citizenship & Sustainability Report (CSR). The report highlights the company's 2012 social, economic, and environmental performance and progress.

2012 performance highlights include:

  • Record-setting employee safety performance, including 20-percent declines in the number of OSHA recordable incidents and the incident rate.
  • A 14-percent reduction in the company's carbon intensity rate (the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of power output) compared to 2011.

Greening its vehicle operations has been a significant part of Dominion’s ongoing environmental efforts, with the integration of more electric, hybrid, and other alternative-fuel vehicles as part of its sustainability commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and “invest in the technologies of tomorrow,” according to the company.

Approximately 28 percent of Dominion’s on-road fleet — approximately 5,700 cars and trucks — are powered by alternative energy resources, including electric, natural gas, and biodiesel.

More than 800 vehicles in the fleet run on B20 biodiesel fuel, and approximately 250 run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Electric technologies make up a smaller but growing portion of the fuel-diverse fleet.

As a result of going greener, fuel use dropped 22 percent from 2008-2012, with an estimated 286,400 gallons of gasoline displaced in 2012 by the use of natural gas and electric vehicles.

Fuel savings and environmental benefits are only a few reasons Dominion said it invests in alternative vehicle technologies. Other benefits include less noise at work sites, healthier work conditions for crews, green business partnership opportunities, and more green opportunities for customers.

Dominion Resources ranked No. 64 on the 2013 Top Commercial Fleets and has been recognized nationally for its commitment to safety by the National Private Truck Council for the lowest ratio of accidents per million miles.

The latest facts and figures on Dominion’s Green Fleet portfolio are found in Dominion's Citizenship & Sustainability ReportA comprehensive version and executive summary of the report are available online at