When looking at the car segment changes, according to Black Book, the highest percentage changes come from the opposite extremes of fuel-economy levels.



The Entry Level Cars declined by -1.15 percent for the past week while the Full-Size Cars declined by -1.11 percent.

"With two segments at this level of change, only once in the past three months has another segment declined by over 1 percent in a single week period," according to Ricky Beggs, SVP and editorial director for Black Book. "The overall average segment change for the cars at -$84 was the greatest change since exactly one year ago when the change level was -$87. The car change is pretty consistent overall with no one segment at a significantly lower dollar change. The segment with the lowest decline for the week was the Compact Cars at -$62 with the next lowest change level at -$65 with the Entry Mid-size Cars."

The trucks average segment change decline has increased for the third consecutive week but not at the same level as the cars. At -$60 this past week, half of the truck segments changed less, led by the Full-size Pickups at -$14. A few segments that had been pretty solid in value retention the past few weeks had a significant decline this past week. The Full-size Cargo Vans at -$124 and the Full-size Passenger Wagons at -$117 will be watched closely this coming week to see if a new pattern is being created within the market.

Another segment that we are watching as to the level of change is the very popular, high volume and large number of players within the segment, the Compact Crossovers. During August this segment brought us the largest segment depreciation of -2.4 percent. The most recent weekly change of -0.37 percent was smaller than the previous week. If the pattern of the three previous weeks continues, this segment will be back at a more middle of the pack change.

With the level of changes for the cars and trucks the past few weeks, please keep in mind the seasonal adjustments normally expected for this time of the year. But, also keep in mind we will be back on the auction lanes reporting the market as to what actually happens, not what you or we might expect to happen. Have a great week and remember to look for the Black Book survey personnel and editors out on the lanes.

Watch Beggs' video below: