ARI, a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has reintroduced its Life Cycle Analysis tool within its ARI insights web-based and mobile fleet management system.

The new tool allows for a side-by-side view of up to four vehicles, and fleet managers have the power to choose and compare among a multitude of different variables – including lease terms, miles driven, maintenance costs, fuel and depreciation – to help determine total cost of ownership and vehicle cost per mile. Safety and environmental ratings give fleet managers additional information they can use when choosing among vehicles, according to the fleet management company.

“ARI’s clients can use this pre-ordering tool to compare vehicles and gain a better understanding about what is the right vehicle for their fleet and what that vehicle should cost, both at the time of acquisition and over the life of that vehicle,” said Tony Candeloro, ARI’s vice president of product development.

Primarily, the ARI insights system collects and integrates critical vehicle and driver data from around the world. The newly reintroduced Life Cycle Analysis tool, as well as others that allow for selector building, vehicle ordering, and production tracking, supplement the system’s analysis and reporting tools, according to the company.