New research has shown that reducing idling time on the nation’s 18.51 million local commercial vehicles could significantly reduce fuel consumption and make an impact on U.S. fuel dependency. Data from Fleetmatics Group PLC’s tracking of more than 331,000 subscriber vehicles reveals that vehicles operating without a fleet management solution will idle for 96 minutes per day, on average. By implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution, SMB fleet owners can reduce vehicle idle time by 25 percent on average.
Currently only 3.1 million or 17 percent of all local commercial vehicles have implemented a fleet management solution, according to Fleetmatics. If all local commercial vehicles in the U.S. were to implement this technology, we could save more than $25 million4 daily or more than seven million gallons of gas per day5. Fleetmatics Group produced an Infographic to demonstrate the impact reduced idling can have on our fuel consumption in the U.S.
When translated annually these numbers could make aimpact on U.S. fuel dependency and carbon emissions, according to Fleetmatics including:

  • Reduction in annual gas consumption by 2,584,200,000 gallons.
  • Saving more than $17 trillion per year in fuel costs.
  • Decreasing carbon emissions by 22,406,996 metric tons per year.