Fleets looking to maximize cargo capacity while minimizing vehicle size may be interested in a new upfitting solution offered by Wheels.

The new solution, developed and distributed through a partnership between vehicle upfitting leaders Sortimo and Knapheide, features non-invasive trunk or cargo area storage units that can easily be added to most sedans, SUVs and crossover vehicles.  The modular units mount to existing anchor points with no drilling or cutting required, and are ideal for storing toolbox-type totes, electronics, hand tools, and small parts. 

The storage units are easily removable, giving vehicle operators the flexibility to accommodate additional passengers when necessary.  The easy removal also provides an advantage at resale time, because the vehicle can be marketed in close-to-factory condition without undergoing any costly de-installation processes.

The new upfitting solution is an effective option for many different types of fleets. It has proven to be particularly useful fleets that consist of trucks or other large vehicles that have a lot of underutilized space, or those who are looking to downsize to smaller vehicles without sacrificing storage room.