The PSI 8.8L natural gas engine with Quantum's CNG fuel system.

The PSI 8.8L natural gas engine with Quantum's CNG fuel system.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., a provider of natural gas storage systems, integration and vehicle system technologies, announced that it will showcase a new Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8L natural gas engine with Quantum's compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system at the 2013 NTEA Work Truck Show on March 5th in Indianapolis.

The PSI 8.8L CNG engine will come in naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants. The naturally aspirated version will be rated at 250 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque and the turbocharged version at 350 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. These engine models are specifically matched to the performance required for Class 4-6 trucks, according to Quantum. PSI is a provider of industrial and alternative fuel engines with decades of experience in optimizing engines, and has supplied in excess of 2 million cost-effective engines for a variety of applications including mobility and power generation.

The Quantum CNG fuel supply system has been designed to maximize the efficiency and durability of the CNG components. The system is based on the over 20,000 alternative fuel systems that Quantum has supplied to a variety of automotive manufacturers, including General Motors for cars, vans, light-duty and medium-duty trucks over the last two decades, according to the company. Quantum intends to supply select components to PSI to support volume production of the 8.8L engine.  

Packaging the new PSI 8.8L natural gas engine with Quantum's industry-leading Q-Lite ultra-lightweight carbon composite natural gas storage systems will enable the companies to provide complete, pre-qualified and fully-integrated CNG drive systems to medium-duty truck manufacturers, according to Quantum.