STRATTEC Security Corporation has updated its BOLT website with a new design, a vehicle match database, and a distributor site.   
Available at, the website includes detailed descriptions of BOLT products like the newly introduced Padlock 2.0 and the Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kits.  A "How It Works" tutorial video demonstrates BOLT's Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, which allows users to permanently programs the locks to a vehicle's ignition key for added convenience and security without the need for multiple keys.
BOLT has also added a vehicle match database to the website, which will allow users to see all of the different lock types that will fit their specific year/make/model vehicle.  The database will include part numbers and hyperlinks to BOLT's online ordering section for easy reference.
The new distributor site features a comprehensive list of BOLT distributors from the U.S. and Canada along with company logos and links to their websites, allowing buyers to easily navigate the page.  A retail finder lets consumers locate their nearest vendor through a zip code search.  In addition, an information library gives distributors marketing literature, brochures, instruction sheets and product images.  It can be accessed at
"The new updates make it easier for customers to navigate our website and search for product according to year, make and model.  In addition, the search function displays part numbers for both our retail clamshell and our bulk packaged product, which is helpful when ordering," said Tom Elsner, marketing analyst for BOLT.  "In addition to functionality, we also wanted to increase the site's connectivity to mainstream social media sites with streaming updates from the BOLT Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as easy-to-share BOLT videos."
The redesigned website was created by Trivera Interactive, who recently received an award from Graphic Design USA for its work on the BOLT website at the 2011 American Graphics Design Awards.
BOLT delivers its one-key convenience with a variety of locks, such as the Padlock 2.0, 5/8" Receiver Lock, 1/2" Receiver Lock, Cable Lock and Spare Tire Lock.  All BOLT locks feature an automotive-grade lock shutter to keep out weather and debris and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping.  They are available for most General Motors, Ford and Chrysler vehicles on the road today.  For more information, visit