In a move that signals the huge potential for growth in Texas, Universal Lubricants, a sustainable energy solutions company, announced the opening of a new 52,000-square-foot oil warehouse and distribution center in leased space in Dallas. When fully staffed, the center will create more than two dozen new jobs and house more than 35 employees.

Universal Lubricants has been offering a diverse product line of high-performance lubricants for a wide range of engines and equipment to customers in the Dallas area for more than 20 years.  This new facility, located at 12003 Corporate Drive in a northeast Dallas industrial complex, will allow the company to serve as the delivery agent for  Valvoline, a brand of Ashland Inc. in the Dallas market. Universal Lubricants already distributes Valvoline lubricants and chemicals in Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Valvoline to the Dallas area where we have been building relationships with local customers for more than two decades,” said Rick Palmore, Universal Lubricants’ vice president of distribution and sales. “This area represents a great growth market for both our companies and we look forward to bringing high quality, high performance products to even more local businesses.”

Universal Lubricants gained national prominence by building a state-of-the-art re-refinery in Wichita, Kansas and then acquiring a group of waste oil collection companies to create an innovative, environmentally-friendly Closed Loop Process. Through this process the company collects, re-refines, blends and re-distributes its own motor and engine oils -- never losing guardianship within the chain and creating an infinitely repeatable, sustainable cycle that makes oil a renewable resource.

“Sustainability will continue to be an important goal for businesses of all kinds in 2013, and Universal Lubricants is at the forefront of the re-refining movement,” said John Wesley, the company’s CEO. “This new center positions us to better serve existing customers and generate new business from the growing number of environmentally responsible auto dealers, oil-change installers, auto parts stores and retailers throughout the Dallas area. It is one of nine Universal Lubricants’ locations in Texas and one of four distribution centers our company has opened or expanded in the past year.”

Universal Lubricants operates a network of 36 locations offering high-quality lubricants, new oil delivery, used oil recovery services, and comprehensive industrial and environmental services throughout the U.S. Its proprietary brands of automotive and heavy duty products include Dyna-Plex 21C® heavy duty oils, Universal’s signature line of lubricants and ECO ULTRA® motor engine oils and lubricants.  These products are engineered and manufactured specifically for all areas of industry.

As part of the company’s Closed Loop Process, the new Dallas facility also will house a state-of-the art indoor tank farm to store the new oil that will be delivered in bulk. 

About Universal Lubricants -- Founded in 1929, Universal Lubricants is a driving force in used oil collection, base oil refining and distribution. Through its Closed Loop Process, the company collects, re-refines, blends and re-distributes its own engine oils and lubricants – never losing guardianship within the chain – to ensure that every quart is of the highest quality for optimal performance. Universal Lubricants operates 36 facilities nationally, including one of the world's most technologically advanced re-refineries in Wichita, Kansas. A leader in research and development, Universal Lubricants is a Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio company and employs more than 465 workers. For more information visit