Image of two mounted spotlights, one white and one black, with each having a wireless remote.

The new rotating spotlight comes with a wireless remote.

Photo: Buyers Products

Buyers Products has added three new LED lighting products for the construction, municipal, and utility vehicle industries. New this year is an ultra-bright, rotating spotlight with a wireless remote, a wide-angle tri-color LED strobe light, and a 5-inch LED flexible strobe light.

“We are working to serve the unique demands of the construction, municipal, and utility vehicle industries,” says Dan Doerr, director of new product development at Buyers Products. “By expanding color combinations, focusing on durability, and enhancing the high-visibility functions of our LED lights, we’re able to address the various needs of our customers’ fleets.”

360-Degree Rotating Spotlight

Buyers Products said this ultra-bright, rotating spotlight comes with a wireless remote for convenient use inside or outside of the cab. The light boasts continuous 360-degree light rotation and a 110-degree vertical tilt, while the cast metal frame offers durability superior to plastic. Users can choose from a permanent or magnetic mount with a black or white powder-coat finish.

Images of clear, amber, and green LED flashers on a white background.

The strobe lights are available in a tri-color pattern.

Photo: Buyers Products

Tri-Color LED Strobe Light

With many states and municipalities adopting a tri-color platform with their vehicles, the wide-angle tri-color LED strobe light offers amber, clear, and green flash patterns. The addition of green helps with visibility from a distance, helping drivers identify municipal vehicles even in wintry conditions.

LED Flexible Strobe Light

The 5-inch LED flexible strobe light is constructed with impact-resistant, flexible silicone, adding the ability to be mounted on curved surfaces such as fenders, bumpers, and mirrors. The wide-angle optics improve visibility. This light is SAE Class 1 rated.