Applied Driving's Riskmapp will be integrated with VisionTrack’s IoT platform.  -  Photo: VisionTrack

Applied Driving's Riskmapp will be integrated with VisionTrack’s IoT platform.

Photo: VisionTrack

VisionTrack has partnered with Applied Driving to develop a video-enabled safe driving solution.

The companies aim to bring together the benefits of:

  • Automated risk reduction.
  • 360-degree vision.
  • Cloud-based video analysis.

Optimizing Driver Engagement

Under the partnership, fleet operators will access an integrated solution combining Applied Driving’s Riskmapp, an online web application, with VisionTrack's IoT platform.

This will help them improve driver engagement and coaching by offering targeted training supported by relevant video and data insights.

The solution can also take advantage of footage from cameras positioned around the vehicle, including forward, driver, side, and rear-facing, and AI-powered devices.

Data-Driven Training

Collisions and near misses captured by the vehicle's cameras will be uploaded to Riskmapp, where VisionTrack's advanced AI-powered post-analysis tool, NARA, will assess and verify the footage.

Both Applied Driving and the fleet customer will have access to review the videos, and they will also be shared with the driver as part of Applied Driving's Companion solution, specifically the Triggered Training feature.

The video footage and supporting data will be utilized for additional coaching and engagement, using real-life examples to promote safer driving habits.

Delivering Proactive Risk Intervention and Accurate Incident Validation

Matthew Ison, Head of Sales (North America) at VisionTrack said: “NARA represents a huge step forward for video telematics as it uses ground-breaking computer vision models with sensor fusion to assess footage of driving events, near misses and collisions. The cloud-based software automatically removes false positives and monitors driver behavior, without the need for human involvement, to deliver proactive risk intervention and accurate incident validation. With traditional video telematics solutions, vehicle operators can be experiencing many hundreds of triggered daily events, so NARA enables them to deliver more efficient working, while not compromising on road safety.”

Advanced object recognition uses deep learning algorithms to identify different types of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. With incredibly high accuracy levels, NARA can distinguish between collisions, near misses and false positives that can be generated by harsh driving, potholes or speed humps.

The software also includes Occupant Safety Rating that uses a range of parameters to calculate the percentage probability of injury and immediately identify if a driver needs assistance.

“Using the latest edge-and cloud-based innovations, we are creating a unique AI-powered video telematics ecosystem that is designed to mitigate the impact of road, driver and fleet risk. With a growing range of complementary solutions – underpinned by our next-generation, Internet of Things (IoT) platform and NARA – this integrated technology offering will provide unrivalled, real-time driver engagement, alongside the most accurate, timely and insightful risk monitoring and analysis,” adds Ison.

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