Photo Courtesy of REE Automotive

Photo Courtesy of REE Automotive

What is Proxima Powered by REE?

REE Automotive joined forces with JB Poindexter & Co’s (JBPCO) innovation hub, EAVX, and body manufacturer, Morgan Olson, to launch the first drive-by-wire fully electric walk-in step van, Proxima Powered by REE. This is a class 5 concept vehicle that features an EAVX and Morgan Olson body design, Proxima, and is powered by REE’s modular and fully-flat P7 platform.

The walk-in step van body is a new, ground-up development showcased for the first time on REE’s P7 platform. The platform features REEcorners™ and utilizes their proprietary x-by-wire technology and controls for industry-leading modularity. The P7 platform is intended to power vehicle classes 3-5 with payloads of up to 8,000 pounds, with all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive.

How can the Proxima Powered by REE combination help fleets?

The Proxima body paired with the P7 platform provides a unique opportunity for last-mile delivery fleet managers to achieve sustainability goals while meeting the ever-increasing demands facing the industry, including increased consumer deliveries and continued driver shortages. With a modular EV platform at its core, this combination allows fleet managers to implement an EV aimed to reduce a fleet’s total cost of ownership by reducing vehicle downtime, increasing vehicle efficiency, and improving driver satisfaction.

What does the REE P7 platform enable?

The REE P7 platform is built on top of four REEcorners™, featuring x-by-wire technology for drive, steer and brake control. REEcorner™ technology integrates critical vehicle components, including steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control, into a single compact module between the chassis and the wheel.

For Fleet managers transitioning to EV vehicles, the P7 platform’s modularity enables complete design freedom allowing fleets to employ vehicles that meet their precise application needs. These innovations have enabled REE to develop a modular, fully-flat skateboard chassis with more room for people, cargo, and batteries that will be highly adaptable to customers.

With the Proxima body, the fully-flat P7 platform enables unique benefits, operational efficiencies, and flexibility for last-mile delivery fleets. With the P7 platform at its core, the electric walk-in van concept is able to boast industry-leading benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced manoeuvrability - It has a minimal turning radius enabled by all-wheel steer and torque vectoring, allowing for optimal manoeuvrability in urban environments and congested loading docks
  • Improved driver visibility - REEcorners™ and x-by-wire control enable a fully-flat and low chassis and driver position to minimize blind spots and enhance visibility
  • Low step-in height - The low load floor reduces step-in height by 12 inches (one full step), improving ergonomics and reducing driver cycle times. It also helps to improve driver well-being and retention and improving overall fleet operational efficiencies
  • Improved aerodynamics – Designed to enhance aerodynamics, Proxima Powered by REE achieves a 56% reduction in drag between both body and chassis enablers for maximum energy efficiencies. The low P7 platform has a smooth underbody, free from any mechanical obstructions, and utilizes single rear tires, all reducing underfloor turbulence
  • Ease of service - Fast REEcorner™ swaps, smart monitoring and over-the-air service updates significantly reduce repair times and total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Ultimately, this concept vehicle with the Proxima body and REE P7 platform allows leading delivery companies and fleet managers across the world to answer the call for electrification utilizing an option that is a vehicle drivers want to drive, operationally efficient, and offers a low total cost of ownership.