Drones make more efficient and better job site decisions.

Drones make more efficient and better job site decisions.

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We are in the age of technology. One such tech device, originally designed for military missions, has expanded into earthmoving operations. Drones have evolved to be highly beneficial on job sites.

Not only do they improve efficiency and productivity, but they also cut down on unplanned costs while continuously providing progress data.

Zach Pieper, director of operations and co-owner of Quantum Land Design, believes they are a great return on investment.

​“Drones are another tool contractors can put in their toolbox to make more efficient and better decisions,” Pieper said. “There are many situations where a contractor might need to keep track of how much earth is being moved, compare the current site to the planned site, and figure out how many yards of earth still to be moved and where that dirt must go. Drones can be a very cost-effective way to do that.

“Drones can also provide a very rich layer of data that can be added to your knowledge of a project and your ability to manage it properly.”

Pieper talks more about drones and how to utilize them on job sites in an education session at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. This construction industry event is held every three years and features tech, products, and equipment.

“The session applies to nearly any size contractor,” points out Pieper. “It will be an information-dense way to learn how you can use drones to make better decisions with your contracting company and on each job site.

“It will be focused on applied technology. Everything in the education session will be information that any contractor can take back to their company or their job site and put it to work.”

Drones are also being found in vocations aside from construction:


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