Orange EV now has about 400 heavy-duty electric yard trucks operating across the U.S.

Orange EV now has about 400 heavy-duty electric yard trucks operating across the U.S.

Photo: Orange EV

Zero-emission truck manufacturer Orange EV announced its new 2022 e-Triever electric yard truck, which builds on the foundation of Orange EV's T-Series.

The company commercially deployed its first all-electric yard truck in 2015 and now has a presence in about 120 fleets across the U.S. and Canada. Orange EV electric trucks deliver 98-99% average uptime and a lower total cost of ownership, with many customers experiencing a 3- to 4-year payback on a 10-year expected life, according to the announcement.

The e-Triever features sub-systems designed to integrate with autonomous control systems, such as improved sensing, remote diagnostic capabilities, and an optional IntelliBoom package that captures fifth wheel load weight, boom lift cycles, and kingpin presence and retention data.  

Basic specifications for the 4x2 e-Triever:

  • GCWR: 81,000 lbs
  • Speed: Up to 25 mph
  • Battery capacity: 180 kWh or 100 kWh
  • Charge rate: Up to 70 kW
  • Range: Up to 24 hours on a single charge
  • Motor: Brushless AC induction
  • Transmission: None; direct drive
  • Availability: Custom builds delivered in 90-120 days

“Orange EV’s vision is to excel on all fronts: the lowest cost of ownership, highest up-time, best service, highest quality, longest life, and most beneficial for drivers,” said Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV president and CTO, in the statement. "We are delivering on that vision. Drawing upon our 10-year heritage of electric truck innovation, the e-Triever continues this excellence, and we believe the new name conveys Orange EV’s staunch commitment to our customers – the e-Triever is loyal, hardworking, and delivers every time.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info