Velociti has expanded its VeloCare technology maintenance program to add operational support, customization and visibility.  -  Photo: Velociti

Velociti has expanded its VeloCare technology maintenance program to add operational support, customization and visibility.

Photo: Velociti

As technology such as trailer tracking, telematics, and connectivity become more prevalent in trucking, the need to monitor, maintain, and repair that technology will become more and more important.

That's why Velociti has expanded its VeloCare technology maintenance program to add operational support, customization, and visibility to help improve uptime and enhance the user experience. VeloCare is Velociti's proactive technology monitoring and repair service.

“The future of transportation will be increasingly smart, connected and autonomous,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti. “And in this tech-driven world, the importance of comprehensive platforms for technology management, and programs for technology support, will expand dramatically. We’re making significant investments to ensure that we can provide our customers and partners the complete solutions that they need.”

Powell made the announcement during a press conference at the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Orlando, Florida.

VeloCare, which has served as a technology monitoring and repair service since 2013, is now offering:

  • Added programs around operational support, such as enterprise desk services, inventory management, a tech support call center, expanded field services and Velogic add-ons;
  • A contract and subscription management app; and
  • A “build your own bundle” solution that allows users to select the options that fit their business structure and support their technology maintenance and operational needs.

The new VeloCare programs provide a flat, monthly subscription along with program and project management, customer service and an enhanced level of quality control. Users can select the programs that best meet their needs.

“We created VeloCare to fill a gap in the marketplace to provide businesses a proactive technology monitoring and repair service that ensures their technology is always up and running,” Powell added. “The gap we now see is how businesses manage their multiple, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) invoices and find supplemental resources for the wide variety of software that also runs a company. We are expanding VeloCare to include a wide variety of operational support and maintenance programs to continue making sure businesses can function seamlessly and efficiently, without the burden of finding resources to keep up with the quick shifts we’re experiencing with technology.”

VeloCare’s technology health monitoring also provides proactive, system-health monitoring of systems 24/7 to ensure technology is always up and running. VeloCare maximizes technology uptime and allows users to avoid fluctuating costs while also reducing technology management costs, enabling in-house resources to focus on core responsibilities, according to the company.

Powell said Enterprise Desk Services is turn-key, supplemental administrative support to any user interface or software program, giving users access to outsourced, expert help that suits their schedule. Users also receive access to professional program management, a train-the-trainer program and dedicated support for remote device service calls for initial device diagnosis.

When onsite technician support is needed, VeloCare offers field service technicians who can support hardware devices, including installs, removals, upgrades and repairs. VeloCare has technicians who can meet assets wherever they are and whatever the service. That includes centralized inventory management, RMA processing, shipping and staging. The new programs also include around-the-clock Tech Support Call Center, providing remote access to a representative who can provide answers on device use or troubleshoot equipment.

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