The Ram 1500 (2015 Ram EcoDiesel shown) scored in the Top 10, but was outlived by other models,...

The Ram 1500 (2015 Ram EcoDiesel shown) scored in the Top 10, but was outlived by other models, according to a study by iSeeCars.

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Given the improved quality of today’s vehicles, cars are lasting longer than ever. And with prices at record highs, many buyers are choosing to keep their vehicles on the road instead of replacing them. Which vehicles best demonstrate longevity and reliability for their drivers? To find out, the latest iSeeCars study analyzed more than 14.9 million vehicles to determine which are the most likely to reach and surpass the 200,000-mile mark.

While the average make and model has 1.2% of its vehicles reach 200,000 miles, some are far more likely to reach this milestone (the full list can be found in the study.). 

First, the pickup truck list. The Top 3 longest-lasting pickups might not be what you'd expect. How did the Honda Ridgeline, a unibody vehicle up against the traditional body-on-frame trucks, come out second to the top? 

“The Honda Ridgeline likely accrues high mileage because it has the function of a pickup truck but rides comfortably like a crossover," said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. "It is more often used as a family vehicle rather than a work truck, so it isn’t subjected to the heavy hauling that its full-size counterparts endure. However, it can be used as a hauler if necessary. Both pickup trucks and family vehicles tend to rack up high mileage, and the Ridgeline offers the best of both worlds thanks to its versatility.”

    Which Pickups Last Longest Over 200k?


      On the passenger car/crossover/SUV side, key findings of the study include:

      • Truck-based SUVs represent the majority of the list.
      • Toyotas account for six of top 10 vehicles with Land Cruiser and Sequoia dominating the competition.
      • Avalon and Prius are the only passenger cars to make the list.
      Which Pickups Last Longest Over 200k?


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