Work Truck's Truck Chat series included 25 episodes in 2021.

Work Truck's Truck Chat series included 25 episodes in 2021.

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In 2021, Work Truck worked hard to embrace a more digital form of journalism to help better inform and engage our readers.

With a stronger desire for video, we launched our Truck Chat video series, which features a mix of sponsored informational videos, Faces of Fleet interviews, Fleet 101 educational videos, and our Weekly Top News Recap. All of our videos are also available in podcast form for fleet managers on the go.

The following are the most viewed Truck Chat videos in 2021:

  1. Finding the Right Work Truck for Any Job
  2. Faces of Fleet: The Music of Jamie Trent
  3. Fleet 101: Top Mistakes Spec’ing Liftgates
  4. Driving Fleet Safety with Isuzu
  5. Using Smart Cameras to Improve Fleet Safety
  6. Faces of Fleet: Shaun Skinner’s Explosive Past Hobby
  7. Fleet 101: Do You Need a DOT Number?
  8. Electrification & Uptime in Vocational Fleets
  9. Truck Purchasing Tips for Today’s Fleet
  10. Trends in Truck Purchasing

We can't wait to keep recording more Truck Chat episodes next year and already have several in the works you won't want to miss. 

Keep checking back in, sign up our newsletters as well as our print or digital edition of the magazine, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Work Truck will continue to bring the information and videos that matter the most to the fleet industry.

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