Booster is a tech-enabled mobile energy delivery company providing a more sustainable fueling experience to fleets and consumers. - Photo: Booster

Booster is a tech-enabled mobile energy delivery company providing a more sustainable fueling experience to fleets and consumers.

Photo: Booster

Booster announced it has converted more than 90 of its diesel customers with close to 1200 vehicles to renewable fuels within the first month of its decarbonization initiative, according to the company's press announcement.

This move will help Booster's customers cut emissions by more than 70%, saving more than 34 million pounds of carbon emissions next year.

The change occurs following an announcement by Renewable Energy Group and Booster to offer mobile delivery of renewable fuels to fleets.

Booster currently serves hundreds of fleet customers across the U.S. The company said it will increasingly offer them delivery of renewable fuels. Renewable fuels in general can be difficult to access: according to the U.S. government, less than 3% of fuel stations in the U.S. offer Ethanol (E85), and less than 1% offer biodiesel (B20 and above).

"The lack of clean energy infrastructure poses one of the greatest barriers to decarbonizing the transportation sector," said Frank Mycroft, CEO and co-founder of Booster. "Booster is offering a solution for customers who want to decarbonize affordably and sustainably but can't justify driving miles out of their way to do so. By bringing renewable energy directly to fleets, we help optimize their operations while reducing emissions in communities." 

Booster said it believes that direct-to-vehicle renewable fuel delivery will appeal to many companies who want to achieve decarbonization goals without compromising their bottom line. In contrast to Booster's offering, the energy transition from fossil fuels to alternative energies can require expensive overhauls. Major organizations have already committed: to date, 217 corporations have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2040, according to The Climate Pledge, which counts Amazon, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and Uber among its signatories. 

Pinnacle Power Services, Inc., an electric distribution and telecommunications infrastructure construction company in Northern California, is an early adopter of Booster's renewable fuels service for fleets, in part due to the appeal of sustainable delivery. 

"Pinnacle secures reliable access to electricity for one of the largest utilities in the country, and our service providers must be able to carry out both routine and emergent work at all times," said James Small, director of support services at Pinnacle. "Booster is the ideal partner to deliver on fleet readiness and cost efficiency, while also advancing our aggressive corporate commitments to sustainability."

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