Fuelman cardmembers will be able to access partnership benefits by January 2022. FleetCor is...

Fuelman cardmembers will be able to access partnership benefits by January 2022. FleetCor is based in a suburb of Atlanta.

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Fuelman, a FleetCor company, announced a strategic partnership with CarAdvise, a digital vehicle maintenance and repair marketplace, on Nov. 23. The partnership combines Fuelman’s managed fuel programs with CarAdvise’s vehicle maintenance SaaS platform to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with fleets. In an announcement, the companies say the partnership will reduce the cost and complexity of fleet maintenance by enhancing price transparency with a digital car care experience that unlocks national large fleet discounts for fleets of all sizes.

Fuel and vehicle maintenance are two of the largest operational expenses for SMB owners managing fleets. The integration of Fuelman and CarAdvise will give fleet owners a single point of access for tracking, scheduling, and paying for vehicle maintenance procedures from regular services, such as oil changes, tire rotations, fuel expenses, and filter changes, to any of CarAdvise’s over 3,000 more complex services offered.

“Small businesses typically lack dedicated resources to track, manage, and prioritize preventative vehicle maintenance and costly repairs that larger companies can afford. As a result, businesses are forced to repurpose time that is better spent managing and growing their core business, overpay for maintenance, or worse, have vehicles taken offline by preventable maintenance issues,” said Fuelman Senior Vice President, Keagan Russo. “This partnership automates the most necessary and timeconsuming tasks that small business owners face while keeping them focused on building and leading their companies with digitized solutions that are cost and time-efficient.”

As demand for digitized services for drivers, fleet owners, and business owners increase, Fuelman and CarAdvise say the partnership will make it easier to browse services, compare repair shops, and schedule appointments. Additional benefits cited include:

  • Updates from repair and maintenance shops
  • Flexibility and control over fuel expenses
  • Customizable fuel controls
  • National fleet-level discounts and full price transparency on services from CarAdvise’s network
  • Rebates and discounts in the Fuelman network

“Partnering with Fuelman allows us to better serve the SMB customer base,” said Greg Tepas, founder and CEO of CarAdvise. “Our companies are aligned in our commitment to empowering small business owners by providing necessary resources to make better-informed business decisions that instill confidence and positively impact their bottom lines. Fleets haven’t had a marketplace like this available to them in the past and with our technology we’ve made managing fleet maintenance more cost effective, more convenient and more cost effective for fleets especially those that don’t have a dedicated full-time fleet manager.”

Cardmembers will be able to access these benefits by January 2022. As part of the partnership, FleetCor is investing $5MM to help CarAdvise accelerate its record of growth.

“CarAdvise fits in perfectly with FleetCor's mission of simplifying the way that businesses manage and pay their expenses,” said Russo. “As we move further into a world where connected vehicles are not just a reality, but the norm, this partnership positions us to lead the way with fleet-centric innovation that connects data to actionable insights to time and cost-saving solutions for our customers.”

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