The XI Platform allows users to collect and analyze data from customers, employees, and the...

The XI Platform allows users to collect and analyze data from customers, employees, and the market for an understanding of the brand experience.

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Discount Tire partnered with InMoment, an Experience Improvement (XI) provider, to launch a new customer experience (CX) program for fleet customers in their B2B business segment. 

Discount Tire selected InMoment to expand the company’s customer experience program for fleet customers and better align with overall customer experience strategy, 

“B2B sales are an important component of Discount Tire’s customer base but previously we were not able to distinguish between the experience and satisfaction of non-fleet and fleet customers,” said Chris Adams, VP of Fleet/B2B for Discount Tire. “We rely on the voice of our customers to guide us on our journey of continuous improvement and partnering with InMoment will help segment feedback to better guide effective and targeted efforts to serve B2B clients with a safe and positive experience.”

Using InMoment’s XI Technology to implement touchpoint surveys, Discount Tire will check in with new fleet customers regarding initial experiences in becoming a customer, measure experiences over time, and field exit surveys when a customer decides to end a fleet relationship.

Fleet customers at Discount Tire will have access to preferred partnerships designed to save them money and improve efficiency ranging from fuel savings to telematics to, in the future, roadside assistance.

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