Axele offers transportation management system (TMS) cloud software for truckload carriers...

Axele offers transportation management system (TMS) cloud software for truckload carriers leveraging decades of experience and insights into optimization and automation technology.

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Axele, a Transportation Management System (TMS) company, announced new updates to its TMS that expands ELD integrations, reporting, and dispatch operations.

The new reporting capabilities allow companies to track total load expenses and net income. Other features expand digital processes to automate operations and reduce paperwork.

“These new features will speed processing of documentation to improve record-keeping and driver reconciliation, ensuring profitability for small and midsized trucking businesses,” said Ravi Ahuja, founder of Axele. “We add these enhancements based on feedback from users; then add them as soon as possible, so customers grow their businesses quickly with our system. Axele is continuously learning and improving – more connections, more automation, more optimization – all with the intent to make our users more productive and more profitable.”

The list of expanded features for this latest upgrade includes:

  •        Users can now import past loads
  •        Rate confirmation data extraction now supports JT Wash and Forward Air
  •        Fuel card import now supports the Pilot Flying J Axle Fuel Card and EFS Fuel Cards from Wex
  •        New ELD integration support for 3MD and VisTracks
  •        Toll transactions can now be imported from: E-Zpass, Bestpass, I-Pass, and PrePass
  •        New reports available: Axele expands its reporting capabilities to track gross revenue, total load expenses, net income, and loaded/empty miles by the customer, tractor, or trailer. These reports can monitor whether a business is hitting its KPIs and growing its business.
  •        New Driver Dispatch Sheet: Axele provides a PDF document that shares load details, minus revenue, with your driver within each load to serve as a quick driver reference sheet. Revenue is omitted for scenarios where the driver should not be privy to the contracted rate.
  •        New Driver Dispatch Rate Confirmation: Located within each load, the TMS provides a PDF document that shares load details with your dispatcher, including revenue. In contrast to the Driver Dispatch Sheet, the Rate Confirmation includes revenue details for scenarios where the driver should be aware of the contracted rate.

The Axele TMS is available free or for a small fee for advanced features, including smart trip planning, operational dashboards, market intelligence, end-to-end planning, and more. 

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