The new service brings fleet customers enhanced insight into vehicle health and maintenance, location and idling, and driver behavior. - Image: Discount Tire

The new service brings fleet customers enhanced insight into vehicle health and maintenance, location and idling, and driver behavior. 

Image: Discount Tire

Discount Tire and Motorq are offering a new connected vehicle data analytics platform to Discount Tire’s fleet customers. The platform will access and analyze live data streamed directly from connected vehicles, giving Discount Tire’s fleet customers critical insights about their vehicles and drivers to make better business decisions.

"Now more than ever fleet managers can benefit from data that makes their fleets more efficient,  safe, and increases the health of fleet vehicles,” said Chris Adams, vice president at Discount Tire. “What’s most exciting to us is the ease of getting started: no third-party hardware or software. We believe this is a big benefit for fleet customers of all sizes.”

Motorq’s cloud-based system ingests and monitors embedded telematics data, runs advanced analytics, contextualizes the insights with other information sets such as weather and mapping, and delivers those insights to fleet owners via customized dashboards and other reporting tools.

“By implementing Motorq’s dongle-less telematics solution into our suite of service offerings, our sales team has more tools to offer fleets that help reduce operating expenses and gain visibility into the safety of their vehicles and drivers,” said Craig Cheatle, national head of business development at Discount Tire.

Information across three key categories are available to Discount Tire fleet customers from this new service.

  • Vehicle Location & Travel – Motorq’s platform tracks and reports on the location and movement of every registered vehicle, making it easy to understand your fleet. With geofencing, fleet managers can also quickly determine if a vehicle is taking unauthorized trips either outside a zone or during after hours. Data on idling helps fleet managers better control both fuel costs and overall emissions. Having this data can streamline operations and reduces costs for fleets.
  • Vehicle Health and Maintenance – The dashboard displays the list of fleet vehicles and any needed maintenance or repairs. Rather than a technician visiting each vehicle to check Diagnostic Testing Codes (DTC), the vehicle broadcasts any issues to the fleet manager. This allows technicians more time to spend fixing issues rather than looking for them, which can lead to lower costs and a healthier fleet.
  • Safety – On a VIN-basis, Motorq tracks a range of driver behaviors, including acceleration and hard braking and speeding. The dashboard makes it easy for fleet managers to identify risky driving behavior by drivers and put an improvement plan in place. Safer drivers can contribute to reduced insurance premiums for fleet managers.

Pricing for access via Discount Tire fleet’s offerings begins at $9.95 per vehicle, per month based on volume and term. Learn more or sign up at the Discount Data website.

“By giving fleets of all sizes access to data that once only was available to large fleets or through expensive aftermarket hardware, Discount Tire and Motorq are democratizing fleet intelligence for fleets of all sizes,” said Arun Rajagopalan, co-founder and CEO of Motorq.

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