This year, F-150 Lightning reservations went over 120,000.

This year, F-150 Lightning reservations went over 120,000.

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Ford’s July 2021 sales indicate a drop in total sales from last year but set a record-high for SUV transaction pricing.

Ford truck sales totaled 72,574 in July. This is down 27% from total sales in July 2020. Trucks sales also saw a 34.5% drop in retail sales from last year. The company sold a total of 99,460 trucks in 2020.

Heavy trucks saw an increase in sales from last year. Sales increased 22.2% with 1,136 sold this year.

The data shows over 70% of Ford Bronco orders are coming from outside of Ford. The Bronco’s July sales totaled 3,277 SUVs, and Ford’s overall AWD/4WD mix of SUVs in July was over 68%.

This is a new record for Ford. Ford SUV transaction pricing in July hit a record of $42,000 per SUV. This is up $6,200 over 2020.

This year, F-150 Lightning reservations went over 120,000. With most orders coming from California, almost 80% of the fully electric Lightning truck customers are coming over from other brands. Reservations for the F-150 Lightning surpassed 100,000 in May.

Ford released new truck and SUV vehicle introductions. Sales of high-series trim SUVs were up 6.7% over July last year. Transaction prices are up approximately $8,400 at almost $50,000 per vehicle. July’s incentive spend as a percentage of transaction pricing was 3.5% per vehicle, down more than 7 ppts over a year ago and 1.4 ppts lower than the overall industry, according to the data.

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