Everything You Need to Know About Telematics

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Telematics is a system that helps businesses monitor their mobile workforce of vehicles and assets to ensure full productivity, efficiency, and safety. Take a deep dive into these resources to better understand how it can help your business. 

Work Truck has gathered up some of the top telematics-focused articles into one place for quick reference: 

  • Top 14 Benefits of Telematics Beyond TrackingTelematics are more than dots on a map. Additional benefits include monitoring vehicle health, maximizing uptime, reducing theft, and improving overall driver experiences.
  • How Telematics & Video Can Reduce Insurance Costs: Video telematics not only helps fleets minimize insurance premiums, but it can also help exonerate driver’s from wrongful accusations and reduce potential risky behavior.
  • 9 Innovative Uses for Telematics: From monitoring specific needs for your fleet to ensuring solo drivers stay safe, telematics providers today offer far more than just vehicle tracking solutions.
  • 6 Least Used Benefits of Telematics: Even though telematics offers more than just a “dot on the map tracking solution,” there are still several forgotten benefits that could help save your fleet money and become far more efficient.
  • Using Telematics in Maintenance Efforts: Often thought of as a routing or safety-focused solution, telematics is a critical component to any modern-day maintenance program, too.
  • Telematics in Vocational Fleets:
    • Local Delivery: Route planning and optimization, scheduling, and complete visibility into a local delivery fleet are just some of the industry-specific benefits of a telematics solution.
    • Food & Beverage: Complying with both vehicle and food safety regulations, keeping vehicles on the road with minimized downtime, and ensuring route efficiency are all ways food and beverage fleets are leveraging telematics solutions to help with their operations.
    • Utility Operations: The utility fleet industry is very labor intensive and often must help during emergency situations or during times of severe weather. Telematics can help keep a utility fleet going where it needs to be.
    • Field Service: Telematics can help field service fleets with dispatching, asset and personnel productivity, customer satisfaction, and more.

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