Patrick Miller was named president of Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment.

Patrick Miller was named president of Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment. 

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Jon Sievert, President of the Work Truck Solutions Group for Douglas Dynamics, announced today that Patrick Miller has been selected as the new President for Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment, LLC.

Miller has a broad background in the truck equipment industry, most recently with Commercial Vehicle Group in Ohio, where he was the President and CEO. 

Miller spent the early part of his career in various manufacturing roles, mostly focused in the automotive component supply chain. He transitioned into managerial roles in sales, product engineering, and purchasing, prior to moving into general management. Fifteen years ago, he joined a company dedicated to the commercial vehicle space making seats, interiors, and electrical systems. 

"Dejana has built a strong business foundation with a great reputation among the customers in their markets, while Douglas Dynamics is known in the industry for cultivating a high performance and high integrity culture," Miller told Work Truck. "I really feel a connection here and I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of this team.”   

Miller managed groups in 12 different countries supporting the large OEM Heavy Duty Truck and off-road vehicle companies like Daimler, Navistar, Volvo, CAT, and John Deere. He also participated in industry groups like Heavy Duty Manufacturing Association (HDMA) and Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC).

Dejana is working hard to become even more involved in the work truck industry. Earlier this year, Sievert was installed as 57th Board chair of NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry during Work Truck Week 2021. 

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