Al Cohn was known for his enthusiasm about tires.

Al Cohn was known for his enthusiasm about tires.

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Al Cohn, a well-known figure in the commercial tire industry, passed away April 28 following complications in a long battle with cancer.

He most recently was director of new market development and engineering support at Pressure Systems International, where he had been since 2006. Before that, he spent 28 years with Goodyear Tire in a variety of assignments related to commercial tires, including compounding, design, field engineering, and technical marketing manager.

Cohn was an active member of SAE, American Trucking Associations, Intermodal Association of North America, and the National Trailer Dealers Association. He received the Silver Spark Plug Award from the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations, the association’s highest award, for his contributions to the industry.

“My dad loved what he did,” said his son, Daniel Cohn, “so much so that I wonder if he would have ever retired had he still been here.”

“Al’s amazing personality, selflessness, energy, and positive attitude were matched only by his sense of humor,” said Jim Sharkey, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing with Pressure Systems International. “No one else could hold the attention of a hundred people for an hour talking just about tires, earning him the un-official title of ‘Tire Doctor’. He made an impact with everyone he met, from long-term industry friends, to the servers that had the good fortune of waiting on his table at restaurants. Being in the company of Al was always a gift, and one that will be sorely missed.”

Gwendolyn Brown, president of the National Trailer Dealers Association, called Kohn. “incredibly intelligent with a great sense of humor. He was also kind, gentle, and sweet... Al understood the engineering, regulatory, and manufacturing environment to a depth like no other.”

In comments on social media, friends and colleagues described Cohn as smart, energetic, funny, knowledgeable; a professional, an icon, a legend, and an “ever-present figure and positive influence in our industry.”

Funeral arrangement information was not yet available.

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