Zero Motorcycles powertrains drive SMARTPTO systems to meet zero emission worksite requirements...

Zero Motorcycles powertrains drive SMARTPTO systems to meet zero emission worksite requirements of a growing number of utilities and public organizations.

Photo: Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles announced March 16 their long-term partnership with Viatec Inc. to include supply of Zero Motorcycles electric powertrains for Viatec Inc.’s line of SMARTPTO electrohydraulic systems that recently gained eligibility for funding by California Air Resource Board’s Heavy Vehicle Incentive Program.

The 10-year agreement aligns Zero Motorcycles’ engineering and production capabilities with Viatec’s goal of reliable vocational vehicle electrification. With Zero powertrains as a part of SMARTPTO “plug and work” systems, the modular architecture electrifies all work and safety functions across any vocational truck chassis. SMARTPTO systems are now deployed at major utilities across the US on the top three selling bucket truck brands.

SMARTPTO systems are equipped with advanced telematics rendering global accessibility to work-related data and system operability. Fleet operators can see in real time aerial lift operations and worksite emissions reductions as well as fuel cost savings, according to Viatec. SMARTPTO systems are “plug and work” systems upfitted by the OEM or by fleet operations facilities in under two days’ time. The system powers not only all hydraulic functions of the truck, but also provides export power for electrical equipment as well as the truck battery. Operators report smoother and more precise bucket movements which is due to SMARTPTO’s intelligent design that manages fluid flow. Plugging in the system to 120V or 240V supply overnight ensures it's ready to perform all day, every day. In California and soon in other markets, SMARTPTO systems are certified and eligible for purchase incentive funding, according to Viatec.

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