EZ STAK presented a session on planning an enclosed response trailer that addressed what fleet...

EZ STAK presented a session on planning an enclosed response trailer that addressed what fleet managers need to consider when spec'ing.

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EZ Stak hosted a small vendor presentation during the Work Truck Week 2021 virtual event titled, “Planning an Enclosed Response Trailer for your Fleet,” where company representatives presented a few questions fleet managers should consider when spec’ing a trailer.

EZ Stak Director Shane Lawrenson told Work Truck and Government Fleet magazine the best course of action is to start with the end in mind. What will the trailer be used for?

“If it’s a vaccination station or mobile testing unit for COVID-19, for example, you have to consider how many people you want in the trailer at a time. Will it be two booths, four booths, or six booths? That’s going to determine the length and style of trailer,” he said.

Storage needs are another factor to think about. Will the cargo you’re storing need to be kept at a certain temperature?

Finally, knowledge of the location of operation is vital. Will this trailer be used in a rural area or the city? This information is important to build a trailer suitable to the environment it will be used in.

“You don’t want to try to navigate downtown New York with a 53-footer,” he said.

The video presentation, hosted by EZ Stak Marketing Manager Ashlie Perkins and Director of Business Development Paul Lawrenson, included a few more questions to ask when spec’ing a trailer:

  1. Think about size. What are the parameters you need to stay within? Consider where this trailer will be parked, as well as how people will enter and exit the trailer.
  2. Axle weight capacity is critical. What is the gross vehicle weight requirement?
  3. What kind of equipment are you planning to carry? Be sure to consider tools and safety equipment.
  4. What kind of weather do you plan to encounter?
  5. How many people will be on board and working in the trailer?
  6. Do you have the proper HVAC system with good ventilation?
  7. What kind of equipment will you need for power?

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