SMUD has partnered with Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. and the California Mobility Center (CMC) to...

SMUD has partnered with Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. and the California Mobility Center (CMC) to procure the vehicles.

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The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has partnered with Zeus Electric Chassis and the California Mobility Center (CMC) to procure five custom, all-electric work trucks as it works to transition to an all-electric fleet. The trucks are the only all-electric work truck chassis manufactured in North America in the medium-duty class and will be customized for a variety of uses throughout SMUD’s service territory.

SMUD has invested in fleet electrification for more than 10 years and has a total of 950 assets in its fleet consisting of sedans, service trucks, bucket trucks, trailers, cable pullers, and other construction equipment. Electrification efforts have depended upon commercially available technology and focused on electric and hybrid light-duty vehicles and hybrid bucket trucks. Just last year, SMUD added 16 new Chevrolet Bolts to its fleet, bringing the count to 122 all-electric or hybrid vehicles across the fleet.

SMUD has a goal to transition 25% of its total fleet to electric or hybrid options by 2022 and recently added electric service trucks to its fleet.

SMUD’s fleet engineers helped design the vehicle specifications, and Zeus will fabricate the trucks in collaboration with the CMC. With a nine-month lead time, SMUD hopes to have the vehicles in operation by the end of the year.

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