The company has released four new long neck tools to aid technicians.   -  Photo: Snap-on

The company has released four new long neck tools to aid technicians. 

Photo: Snap-on

Snap-on has released four new long neck tools to aid technicians.

Snap-on 1/3 HP long neck mini die grinder (PTGR105)

The PTGR105 is a heavy-duty, but not heavy-weight tool that allows the user to easily maneuver into confined workspaces. Operating at 1/3 HP, it features a thermally balanced air motor for long tool life while operating at 25,000 RPM for maximum performance. The tool’s 1/4" collet can handle larger shank carbine burrs and its high stall torque provides maximum performance. The 9.9” grinder weighs 1.4 lb and features an ergonomic design and a large paddle style safety trigger for better control. 

Snap-on 1/2 HP long neck die grinder (PTRG205)

At just 2.1 lb, the PTRG205 offers powerful performance in a small, lightweight package. Operating a 1/2 HP, the 10.9” long neck die grinder features a thermally balanced air motor that efficiently cools internal components while operating at 23,000 RPM. Adjustable rear exhaust directs air flow away from the work area, while a built-in air regulator offers exact speed choice for specific applications. Bits are held secure with a dual taper collet system and easily changes with standard wrenches. Designed for low vibration and sound, these grinders also feature ergonomic comfort grip handles to further reduce fatigue. Variable-speed, safety-style paddle triggers prevent accidental startup, and the industrial grade gears and motor provide for more durability and longer tool life.

Snap-on 14.4 V 3/8" drive microlithium cordless long neck ratchet kit (CTR768K2)

The CTR768K2 Snap-on cordless ratchet is a brute and increases reach and torque for bigger, harder-to-reach fasteners. Technicians can easily break away stubborn fasteners with the tool’s impressive 70 ft-lb of torque and 158 ft-lb of manual torque load. The CTR768K2 is 16.2” with the battery and the easy-to-control variable speed trigger and LED read light make it perfect for challenging dash, panel work, and brake work. Its built-in brake prevents throwing sockets and fasteners and its large forward and reverse knob effortlessly changes direction on the tool. The CTR768K2 features a cushion grip handle, integrated LED battery fuel gauge, charger and two 2.5 Ah 14.4 V batteries for extra-long run time between charges. 

Snap-on 14.4 V hex drive long neck cordless ratchet (CTRQ717K2)

The longneck and 1/4" hex drive head of the Snap-on CTRQ717K2 provides a remarkable 35 ft-lb of torque output and 46 ft-lb of manual torque load to get the job done. Its 13-3/4" of total length provides even greater access when working on mud flaps, splash guards, body panels, under the dash, under the hood and TPMS. With 350 RPM free speed, fasteners easily break away saving technicians valuable time. When a job demands precision, strength, and control, the CTRQ717K2 delivers with its variable-speed trigger, integrated LED headlight and its built-in battery fuel gauge. It is 13.7” with the battery and has an over-molded cushion grip, low profile tapered head and includes two 14.4 V battery for extra-long run time between charges.

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