Survey: Fleets Quickly Adapted to COVID-19

Image: Fleet Advantage

According to a recent Fleet Advantage industry survey, companies were able to modify and scale their truck operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online survey, which was executed during August, found that 36% of the companies had to change routes for as many as 40% of the trucks in their fleets, and 25% have had to change what their trucks are primarily hauling. The shift was mostly a result of the number of restaurant closings across the country, with fleets shifting their routes to handle the increased demand for grocery items and retail/merchandise delivery. 

“This year has proved challenging for various organizations, their employees and families as they’ve had to navigate through rapid business adaptations as well as health and safety challenges,” said Katerina Jones, senior director of marketing and business development.

The survey also showed that approximately 50% of respondents used less than 30% of the typical miles accumulated in routes when the pandemic hit, with about four of every 10 fleets operating at 80% of normal utilization. This, as well as COVID’s effect on the economy, caused 27% of companies to downsize their fleets.

Aside from volume fluctuations and overall economic uncertainty, 33% of fleet executives responded that driver-related issues, such health concerns, staffing, and morale, were an immediate priority for them.

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