Mack Offering FlowBelow as Factory Option

Photo: Mack Trucks

Starting in 2021, FlowBelow’s wheel covers and drive wheel fairings will be available to be spec’ed on new Mack Anthem trucks. 

Adding FlowBelow’s wheel covers and fairings allows Mack customers to further improve fuel efficiency, according to the company. 

“I have had experience with the FlowBelow Aero Products in a previous position as director of fuel at a major fleet, and I look forward to ordering trucks for my customers with this fuel saving option from the factory,” said Allen Nielsen, sales manager for Salt Lake City’s Mountain West Trucks.

Mack will offer the fairings in black and white, and the wheel covers will be offered in black, white, and chrome. Customers can begin requesting the products now, for any Mack Anthem built after January 1, 2021. 

“We recognize the fuel savings the wheel covers and fairings provide, so we’ve installed them as retrofit units on our Mack’s in the past. Getting them put on at the factory and financing them with our new truck purchases will definitely streamline our processes,” said Marcus Myers, senior director of maintenance at Gulf Relay in Jackson, Mississippi.

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