LifeSaver Mobile Launches on Geotab Marketplace

LifeSaver Mobile announced Oct. 26 the availability of its LifeSaver Mobile Add-In on the Geotab Marketplace. Through this integration, Geotab customers will be able to access the LifeSaver Fleet Portal from within their MyGeotab platform to deploy and configure the LifeSaver driver solution and report on its usage and compliance.

According to many auto insurers, phone distraction is one of the leading causes of commercial vehicle crashes. With the rising frequency and severity of auto insurance claims by fleet operators, insurance coverage is becoming less affordable each year for many fleets. According to Work Truck Magazine, work-related collisions account for 40% of all driving crashes, and the National Safety Council estimates that at least 27% of all crashes are directly related to phone distraction.

LifeSaver Mobile’s software-only solution (no hardware required) uses real-time intervention to help change driver behavior and reduce phone distraction. The software consists of a mobile application deployed to every employee’s phone. Each employee’s app is paired to the employer’s fleet portal, which is used by the company's managers to configure the app’s behavior (hours, violations, scoring) and to report on its usage and compliance.

With the addition of LifeSaver Mobile on the Geotab Marketplace, over 40,000 Geotab customers worldwide will have access to a solution that helps Geotab customers prevent employee phone use while driving.

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