-  Photo: Larson Electronics

Photo: Larson Electronics

The Larson Electronics handheld UV disinfection wand can sanitize tables, desks, work stations, equipment, machines, and more. It is also effective for cleaning keys, phones, computers, access cards, hats, safety glasses, and everyday tools.

The IND-HL-UVC-HH18-30C-120V is equipped with a twin-tube germicidal UV-C fluorescent lamp and several protective features designed to streamline cleaning and application. This unit can be used as a traditional UV wand via an extended handle and secured on magnetic surfaces for seamless mounting. Like standard non-UV drop lights, the device comes with a top-located swivel hook for mounting on chains, ropes, poles, and small openings. A 30-foot power cord is included for connection to 120V AC outlets.

Originally posted on Government Fleet