Roger McGowan came in first place in 2020 and is now a two-time champion.

Roger McGowan came in first place in 2020 and is now a two-time champion.

Photo: DHL Express

DHL recently completed its 5th Annual Courier Safety Rodeo, a safe-driving competition that recognizes the best of the best in the U.S. This year’s recognition was held as a virtual event, to keep everyone safe in the face of COVID-19, according the company.

The competition, which launched March 1 at DHL locations nationwide, involved nearly 400 couriers who volunteered to be part of the ongoing, real-time test of defensive-driving skills. Central to the competition was GPS-based Geotab monitoring, a technology which tracks driving behaviors such as harsh breaking, acceleration and cornering, as well as speeding and improper back-up maneuvers.

In July, all of this data was compiled to create Safe Driver Scorecards for each of DHL’s couriers, which were used to determine the participants for the final round. Then, the 20 finalists were judged remotely through video review by experts from Smith System as well as DHL’s Fleet Management team. Both groups reviewed and scored the drivers’ DVIR videos as part of four categories being assessed (city and freeway driving, vehicle inspections, and a final written exam).  

To help narrow it down to the top three, DHL also relied on the experts at Samsara, who spent two days outfitting the DHL vehicles with special recording devices that enabled DHL to evaluate both road and freeway driving.  

The 2020 competition winners are:

  1. Roger McGowan (Chicago)– two-time champion!
  2. Patrick O’Toole (Maryland)
  3. William “Bill” Davie (Pittsburgh)

"This is an incredible and important competition each year,” said Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express U.S. “Our 390 couriers committed to driving safely over an extended period, where they were not only keeping themselves safe – but also our customers’ packages and the people in the communities we live in and work in every day – by demonstrating exceptional driving habits and behaviors. It’s made an incredible difference.”

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