-  Image: Carrier Transicold

Image: Carrier Transicold

Carrier Transicold’s new high-efficiency Vector HE 19 unit is its first North American transport refrigeration system to use the next-generation refrigerant R-452A exclusively. Developed for lower environmental impact, R-452A has a global warming potential about half that of traditional refrigerant.

About 40% thinner than a traditional intermodal refrigeration unit, the Vector HE 19 unit optimizes space utilization, allowing for up to 7% more cargo.

As with other models in the Vector platform, the new unit features patented E-Drive technology developed by Carrier Transicold. A high-output generator is direct-coupled to a diesel engine to power an all-electric refrigeration system. The simplified refrigeration architecture also eliminates a number of parts, such as vibrasorbers, clutches, shaft seals, alternators, drive belts, and pulleys.

The Vector HE 19 unit has integrated electric standby, enabling the unit to be plugged into a power source when parked to reduce emissions and noise, as well as conserve fuel and reduce operating costs. Also, E-Drive technology delivers the unit’s full rated refrigeration capacity when on standby.

Originally posted on Trucking Info