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Pedestrians More Distracted, Too

This Wall Street Journal video demonstrates how distracted -- and more unpredictable -- many pedestrians are today because they're too busy looking at their cell phone instead of where they're walking. To view the full fleet safety tip on crosswalk safety, click here.


Road Rage in L.A. Area

This video from CBS 2 Los Angeles offers details and footage of a recent freeway road rage incident in Glendale, Calif. For safety tips on how to deal with aggressive drivers, click here.


A Pothole Epidemic

This ABC News report on potholes, which originally aired in 2015, explains how potholes form and the range of damage they can cause. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.


Digging Out Your Vehicle

AAA offers tips on how to safely remove snow from a vehicle after a major snowstorm. For the full safety tip, click here.


The Right Following Distance

This video from Cops Court and Coffee explains the benefits of observing the three-second rule to maintain a safe following distance while driving. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.


How to Drive in the Rain

In this video, The Los Angeles Times pokes fun at both California drivers and PSAs but also manages to share some practical tips on driving in the rain. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.


Sharing the Road With Snow Plows

This video from the North Dakota Department of Transportation offers advice on how to share the road safely with snow plow operators. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.


When You're Stuck in Snow

In this report from Fox 45, AAA's Cindy Atrican offers advice on what to do if your vehicle gets stuck in snow. For the full fleet safety tip, click here. 


Installing Snow Chains

This video demonstrates installing snow chains. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.


Beware of Crossing Deer

It's deer mating season, which means there's a higher likelihood for deer-vehicle crashes. There's also a greater risk that drivers will veer into oncoming traffic in a misguided attempt to avoid hitting a deer. Here's a report from News 10 ABC in Albany, N.Y. For the full fleet safety tip, click here.

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How can you, a safety or risk manager in a company, predict which driver is going to have your fleet’s next accident? By yourself, you can’t. But by enlisting the aid of other road warriors, you can predict which drivers in your fleet are at high risk to have your next at-fault crash.


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