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Our Vehicle Tracking Software Features:

  • Dashboard
    • Customizable interface
  • Mapping
    • Browser based mapping
    • 3D Google Earth Mapping
    • Cell Phone Mapping
  • Mobile Access
    • SMS messaging to/from dispatch
    • SMS queries (where is a vehicle?, who is closest?, etc.)
    • Cell Phone Mapping
  • Landmarks
    • GPS Insight Landmark/Geofence support is the most powerful available
    • Landmarks make alerts, reports, and maps much more intuitive and provide better insight
  • Hierarchy Capabilities
    • Describe your organization to GPS Insight for reporting & administration
    • Massively simplifies administration and ensures full utilization for large implementations
  • Reports 
    • GPS Insight has over 30 reports available with configurable options to give you exactly the data you require
    • All Reports can be scheduled to run automatically
    • All Reports can be exported to Excel/.CSV
    • Many Reports have built in map support and the ability to export to Google Earth
  • Alerts
    • Speeding
    • Idling
    • Odd-Hours/Weekend
    • Geofence Arrival/Departure
    • Long Stops
    • Out of Range
    • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Garmin Integration
    • Instantly send your drivers their next stop or their route for the day to a dashboard-mounted Garmin PND
    • Your driver will receive turn-by-turn directions both audibly and visually
    • You can send and receive messages (either free-form or “canned”)
  • SMS Messaging
    • Send messages to and from your drivers via cell phone SMS
  • Routing
    • Various routing functions help you to ensure the most optimal routes for your fleet
  • Unlimited Vehicle History
    • GPS Insight stores 3 years of your vehicle history and allows all reports to be run
    • Most competitors only store 90 days
  • Customer Facing Maps
    • You can put a map of your vehicles on your website for YOUR customers to see at all times


Fuel Savings:

  • Limit speeding – Speeding wastes fuel.  Reports, alerts, and speed maps show you who is speeding and where.  Alerts can be sent instantly to the drivers themselves letting them know to slow down.
  • Curb Idling- Idling is an unnecessary waste of fuel and by reducing the number of minutes drivers idle, you will usually save more than the cost of GPS InsightGPS Insight uniquely provides the ability to send drivers instant alerts telling them to shut down their vehicles if they idle for too long.  Some customers save 5 or more times the amount the system by utilizing this capability.
  • Unauthorized Usage - You will be able to determine when vehicles are used for non-company-related business, or prove compliance using odd-hours/weekend reports and alerts.
  • Optimized routes – GPS Insight easily allows you to determine wasteful trips after the fact, and our optional Routing capabilities can be used to proactively assign the best route to a vehicle or vehicles.


Improve Productivity:
Since you know where your vehicles are at all times, dispatch decisions are made more quickly as well, ensuring the right person is sent to each job.  Additionally, when drivers aren’t allowed to idle their vehicles in uncomfortable weather, they generally do the job faster and get moving sooner once it’s done.

Reduce your labor costs:
Ensure Accountability – When drivers are tracked using GPS Insight, they act more responsibly.  Taking the long way home to get some overtime, heading home for a long lunch or nap, and falsifying hours are all things of the past.
Driver/vehicle Safety: 
Drivers can no longer speed without your knowledge.  Speeding is a huge factor in accidents, and gives your company a bad image on the road.  Since personal usage is also easily stopped, the chance of an accident goes down.  If a driver does not make it back at the end of the day, you can look to see where the vehicle is.  Insurance reductions may apply.

Extend the Life of your Fleet:
GPS Insight knows your vehicles’ odometer readings, and will alert you to upcoming/overdue maintenance based on your exact schedule.  Our diagnostics-capable devices will alert you to trouble with your engine, and will tell you if your vehicle will pass a smog test.  Breakdowns are costly due to lost business, as well as time wasted getting the vehicle fixed, and paying your tech for the unproductive time. 
Bill your customers more accurately: 
With GPS Insight, the amount of time and number of trips spent at a jobsite is never in question.  Reports and maps show this information in seconds, and can be used to easily bill your customers and to defend any customer disputes.  Up to 3 years of GPS Tracking data is available for historical research which also helps when bidding new jobs.

Custom Reports/ Alerts:
GPS Insight Reports and Alerts are highly configurable to ensure they are exactly the information you need.  Many aspects can be combined to give a much more usable end result.  For instance, an odd-hours/theft alert can be set up which pages the driver as well as the security team, but only if the vehicle actually leaves the driver’s home.  Idle alerts can be set to exclude certain times of day and certain maintenance areas.  These important filters mean the difference between highly usable  alerts and too many “false alarms” which reduce the usefulness of the alert.  All reports have several options and may be configured to run automatically every day/week/month, or on a completely custom schedule.

Improves Response Times:
With GPS Insight, you can see your drivers’ locations at all times, updated on a map every minute.  You can landmark key customers, vendors, or other important landmarks.  When an order or a call comes in, you can enter the address to see it on a map, or to get a list of the closest vehicles from a particular group and their status.  Using our Garmin Integration, you can then click on a vehicle and instantly dispatch that driver without even calling them.  You can send and receive messages using the Garmin or SMS text messaging as well, and plan the best route for them taking real time traffic into consideration.  All this combines to make your dispatch much more efficient, which improves your response time, keeps your customer happy, and saves costs.
Mobile Access:
GPS Insight's cell phone integration allows you to use many capabilities from your cell phone while you are away from the computer.  A map of all your vehicles’ locations and their status takes just a few seconds to view.  Additionally, you can send and receive text messages to and from all of your drivers using highly reliable and fast SMS text messaging.  Certain functions can be performed using SMS text messages, such as checking a vehicle’s location, receiving an alert when a vehicle starts or arrives somewhere, determining the closest vehicles to a location, and annotating a driver’s job with notes which will be stored in GPS Insight for reporting purposes.

* Some features are optional and may incur additional costs.  Standard SMS text messaging fees apply based on your cellular plan.