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Why Payment Networks Matter: A Fleet Manager's Guide to Proprietary Fuel Cards

By WEX Inc.

What makes a closed-loop, proprietary network the best way for securely moving critical fuel purchasing data between pump and payment processing? What gets lost every time a fuel card purchase transaction ‘shares the rails’ with an open consumer credit card network?

Surprisingly, it’s more than you may think. By downloading this whitepaper, fleet operators will learn:

Why WEX routinely works with oil merchants to adopt new data specifications and with the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) to develop standardized product and merchandise codes.

How fleet managers are gaining a competitive advantage by implementing tighter controls over purchases in a way that most consumer credit cards cannot match.

What are the risks and limitations of relying on merchant-level code purchase controls.

How fleet managers can prepare for a marketplace that includes mobile payments and chip card technologies.

How information from Level 3 data has shifted fleet operations from being viewed as a reactive, cost center to a proactive, revenue generating opportunity.

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