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Could House Bill Slow or Even Stop ELD Rule?

July 18, 2017, by David Cullen

Photo: FMCSA
Photo: FMCSA

[Updated] The House Transportation Committee has attached a directive to this year’s Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill that could end up delaying or repealing the electronic logging device mandate set to go into effect on Dec. 18. Also added to the bill was a directive calling for a review of the technology platforms of ELD suppliers.

The committee voted 31-20 late in the evening of Monday, July 17, to send the bill to the full House. The legislation also moves forward with a rider long sought by trucking interests that would prevent states from enacting laws dictating meal and rest break requirements for truckers.

Also still included is a rider that would prevent advancing a safety-fitness determination rulemaking until the DOT Inspector General has issued certain certifications required by law.

As for ELDs, the House THUD bill now directs the Department of Transportation “to analyze whether a full or targeted delay in ELD implementation and enforcement would be appropriate and, if so, what options DOT has within its statutory authority to provide temporary regulatory relief until all ELD implementation challenges can be resolved.” In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is directed to “provide a report on its findings to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations within 60 days of enactment of this Act.”

The second directive calls for FMCSA to review ELD manufacturers' technology platforms  “to confirm that devices not only meet standards and specifications necessary for all affected industries and fleet sizes to be compliant, but also provide a user interface that is reasonably easy to navigate.” There is no deadline for complying with this order.

In its report on the bill, the committee justified its concern by noting the “heavy burden of this mandate, especially on small carriers.” It also stated that the mandate is “projected to cost over $2 billion to implement,making it one of the most expensive of all transportation rulemakings advanced under the previous administration.”

The report also makes this argument for Congress to step in: “While large carriers already deploy similar technologies for fleet management, smaller carriers will disproportionately bear new costs associated with the mandate and with no compensating benefit to their bottom line. The committee is concerned by reports of serious complications associated with implementation. Many significant technological concerns remain unresolved, including certification of devices, connectivity problems in remote locations, cyber vulnerabilities, and the ability of law enforcement to access data."

Echoing the concern about the impact on smaller carriers expressed by the committee, Todd Spencer, executive director of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, told HDT that “clearly, members of Congress have heard concerns about the mandate from their constituents. The agency has failed to answer important questions from Congress and industry stakeholders about this mandate.

“This includes issues related to enforcement, connectivity, data transfers, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and many other legitimate real world concerns,” he continued. “The agency refuses to certify any ELD as compliant with the rule, thus leaving consumers with no idea if a device they purchase is indeed compliant.” 

On the other hand, the American Trucking Associations lambasted the directive to revisit the ELD rule.

“ATA is disappointed that this misguided provision was included in this version of the FY 2018 T-HUD appropriations bill,” ATA Executive Vice President of Advocacy Bill Sullivan told HDT. “It would take a step to potentially weaken the electronic logging device mandate due to go into effect this year…  This is a nakedly transparent effort by opponents of ELDs to chip away at a rule that will ensure compliance with hours-of-service and improve safety. 

“We will work to ensure members are educated about the difference between the existing hours of service rules and the basics of logging, whether electronically or on paper,” he added. “As this appropriations bill moves to the House floor and through the Senate, we believe that members in the Senate or in conference will not support this language becoming law. ATA is committed to helping FMCSA as it moves toward meeting the December implementation deadline for this critical safety rule.” 

In a joint statement, Steve Williams, president, and Kevin Knight, vice president, respectively, of the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (aka the Trucking Alliance) also took exception to the committee’s stance on the ELD rule.

“Contained within the legislation is language that would delay the installation of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in all interstate commercial trucks," stated Williams, chairman and CEO of Maverick Transportation, and Knight, executive chairman of the board of Knight Transportation. 

“There’s no valid reason to delay this much-needed truck safety measure,” they argued. “In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is doing an admirable job to meet the timeline by the date which requires that all commercial interstate trucks install these electronic devices.” 

The two prominent trucking executives pointed out that they had warned DOT Secretary Elaine Chao back in April that “certain small segments of the trucking industry would try and delay this important safety measure. The House appropriations committee’s action appears to bear this out. We want to reemphasize in this statement the importance of what we wrote to Secretary Chao just four months ago.” 

They also stated that the ELD rule “will improve highway safety and lower the number of large truck accidents” and also “enable both trucking companies and their drivers to proudly demonstrate their enviable work ethics, but within the legal framework of federal hours-of-service rules. Industry-wide compliance will ensure that the nation’s commercial truck drivers are rested, safer and more secure in their jobs. 

“The ELD rule is one of several current safety reforms that must be adopted to reduce large truck accidents, injuries and fatalities,” added Williams and Knight. “Our industry shares the highways with millions of people each day. We must keep the public’s trust, by ensuring the public that commercial drivers are properly trained, rested, drug and alcohol free and compliant with the law. The ELD rule is critical to achieving that goal.” 

Offering an ELD supplier perspective, Pete Allen, executive vice president of MiX Telematics, said that “the rider has little chance of surviving” the legislative process. “The original bill mandating the use of ELDs passed through a Republican House and Senate. How likely is it that a Republican House and Senate will repeal their own bill?”

Allen also pointed out that there are benefits to ELDs beyond compliance. “Most fleets we talk with are interested in much more than compliance. They are investing in ELD solutions to improve safety and efficiency, and as a result are saving $50 to $100 per month, per vehicle –even after taking into account the cost of the technology.”

Still, the ELD passage in the bill report is certainly hard-hitting. If nothing else, it signals that Republicans on the committee wanted it on record that they proposed delaying the implementation of the ELD rule if not chucking it altogether — even at this late date.

It’s the sort of legislative language that may look good on paper to certain constituents, but has little chance of staying in a bill that is ultimately passed by Congress.  

What’s more, the timing does not bode well for anyone hoping to slow or stop the rollout of the ELD rule.

The mandate kicks in five months from now. So, for the committee’s directive to have any impact, a final THUD bill would have to be passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law by President Trump no later than mid-October.

But wait – then the full Congress would still have to pass and get signed a separate bill (based on what the DOT report finds) directing DOT to delay or reverse the mandate.

Updated 2:15 p.m. EDT 7/18/17 to add OOIDA and ATA comments

Updated 3:15 pm EDT 7/18/17 to add comments by Williams and Knight

Updated 4:00 pm EDT 7/18/17 to add commments by MiX Telematics


  1. 1. Bubba Jones [ July 18, 2017 @ 08:43AM ]

    Too bad our politicians miss again. ELD mandate will be good for the industry, improving safety, raising freight rates and compensation for small companies, Owner Operators and drivers. Without ELDs, it is too easy to manipulate logs. The guys operating illegally do not help themselves or the industry.

  2. 2. Dominic Paloni [ July 18, 2017 @ 08:57AM ]

    ELD's will be good for the industry as long as the shippers and receivers are on the same page as the carriers, they will have to change their ways on how they ship and receive for the ELD's to be effective, Is the government going to police the shippers and receivers?? what happens when you can't make an appointment time from point A to point B at the time the receiver schedules you for due to the ELD's? and when you arrive at your destination and they tell you your late and you have to pay a $300 late fee, who eats this cost??

  3. 3. Victor Gabris [ July 18, 2017 @ 09:11AM ]

    The government needs to postpone the ELD mandate until all these issues are answered correctly. We have to many regulations already in place that are doing nothing but slowing down the industry and causing complications for drivers and carriers.

  4. 4. GARY SCHAFER [ July 18, 2017 @ 09:48AM ]


  5. 5. Jeff Haga [ July 18, 2017 @ 11:36AM ]

    I like the E L D except the 10 hour break 6 to 8 would be plenty no one sleeps 10 hours no one! so tell me what do you do for 10 hours in a truck? some of these law makers need to do more research on how things really work in the real world!!

  6. 6. Janie Taylor [ July 18, 2017 @ 11:54AM ]

    My husband and I have been in trucking for the last 50 years and we have seen so many changes in the laws: however, this ELD thing is not going to make anything safer. What makes the roads safer are the people that are behind the wheel of a vehicle! Not a device for which may or may not record correct information. If it is man made then it is not perfect only a human can be responsible for safety not a recording device. The trucking industry should go back to when you could drive ten hours and no more than ten hours. this ELD will cause more unsafe issues than it will trying to make things safer. Just admit it and say this will be a way to know exactly where the trucks are at all times. WRONG

  7. 7. Steve Mehal [ July 18, 2017 @ 12:16PM ]

    The government is trying to force this down our throats in order to make roads safer. Since four wheelers cause most of the accidents out there what do they have to do? We are supposed to be the professionals out here but we're not treated like professionals. Many times we're treated like the bad guys or criminals. Granted, truck drivers aren't perfect either but we are supposed to have the knowledge and the training behind us so more is expected of us. What's expected of four wheelers? Back to point, when you start your day and that clock starts you have 14 hours. You come in from a 7-Day run and you fall an hour short and have to take a 34-hour break one hour from your terminal. That's just plain stupid! You can't be efficient anymore. But remember it's all for safety.......

  8. 8. Lou Felice [ July 18, 2017 @ 12:31PM ]

    Wait until the public sees what a gallon of milk goes for this time next year. Or when shelves are empty because the truck is sitting on a ramp or loading dock.

  9. 9. J. Cushman [ July 18, 2017 @ 12:53PM ]

    I feel a one year delay would be advisable here in order to perform a REAL world study in order to either confirm or debunk the issue of safety. Cost would be miniscule, compared to full implementation, & would give law makers real world data with which to make their decision. Simply make a note in any incident report as to whether or not the truck involved has an ELD or paper log for one year & let the FACTS speak for themselves. After more than 100 years why the urgency now?

  10. 10. Palladini [ July 18, 2017 @ 02:05PM ]

    I am no longer a truck driver, but have spent my time driving trucks of all kinds since I was 17 until Oct 2010, when health issues took me out. These ELD devices will drive people away from trucking, the regulators just do not get it. They say there is shortage of drivers now, wait until this is in full working order, no one will want to drive truck.

  11. 11. Erick [ July 18, 2017 @ 03:15PM ]

    I'm a owner operator that's actually looking forward to the mandate kicking in. All of the smaller guys (myself included) are going to run at least one load less per week. This will soon create a surplus of freight. Once this happens it's going to be raining money because there's going to be more freight than trucks. Then we can charge $4.00 a mile or more. This is going to bring a great change in trucking. And nobody had to go on strike or shut down to make it happen. Thank you FMCSA I've been waiting a long time for rates to increase.

  12. 12. robert thayer [ July 18, 2017 @ 06:40PM ]

    how does anyone actually believe the garbage spewed out of the ata? Just look on the highways and see what this electronic nonsense has done. Drivers with their foot mashed to the floor all day, got to beat the clock is on their minds all day long. speeding in construction zones, and if they are really about safety why are werner and swift the 2 most dangerous companys on the roads? Just bigbox carriers using the feds as muscle to push out the little guy. problem is they are not smart enough to realize they cant handle the work that's why indepents and small companys make up over 75% of the industry. No customer service just cheap labor

  13. 13. Chris leyendecker [ July 18, 2017 @ 07:17PM ]

    I'm an owner operator I understand that this rule will leave me sitting on a loading dock this rule has never worked my son drove truck for Warner never allowed to stop in the 10 hours even when sleepy forced to Drive this rule forces new people that have never drove a truck to get in that truck drive for 10 hours doesn't matter how sleepy you get you got to keep going or you'll stop your 10 hour clock myself if I get sleepy after 2 hours I can take a four hour nap and drive for another eight I will not understand why someone would force somebody to drive 10 hours I'm sure if you checked out the study people on paper logs kill less people then people forced to Drive even when sleepy because they are forced to run under electronic log

  14. 14. Les Willis [ July 18, 2017 @ 07:29PM ]

    Is it not funny that none of the Pro ELD contributors said one thing about the meal and rest breaks, included in the THUD Bill. basically they want to sweep this quietly behind the curtain. If you think ELD's will cost you some profits, Just wait until the Denham and Fischer Amendments pass. Folks The ATA and its constituents are hiding behind the Meal and Rest breaks Lies they are trying to push throught. These amendments will negate STATE Labor Laws out in place so that Dirver may be paid for all worked hours. If this bill passes with these included amendments by Denham and Fischer, You can kiss goodbye any ability from now on out to be paid for Fueling, Detention, Post/Pre Trios, Logging entry's, Drop and Hooks, unloading or loading pay. Wake up FOLKS The WSTA and ATA are not out for the BEST Interest of Drivers. Call you Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote no if any language concerning meal and rest breaks will be included in the THUD and or FAA Reauthorization Act. Call Today (202) 224-3121 and give your zip code to the operator, They will route you accordingly. Stand up against the Over reaching Federal LAws that will subvert State Labor LAws. Time is of the essence here.

  15. 15. Mike [ July 18, 2017 @ 11:20PM ]

    Going to be real safe out here come next January, millions of trucks flying up and down the road with stop watches on their dashboards. Chew on that for a bit... Let the carnage begin!

  16. 16. Wes [ July 19, 2017 @ 04:47AM ]

    I just want to know who gave the ATA the right to even have the nerve to try and associate theirselves with trucking or act like they even care about trucking or the drivers. I've been driving for 28 years with over 3,000,000 miles and I've never once heard or seen the ATA do anything good for us. In fact, they've been the driving force behind trying to ruin us and take everything away from us and bad mouth us. We should make them change their name to the Anti Trucking Association. I'm not sure but I would bet they have invested money some how in this ELD crap and don't want to lose their investment and that's why their pushing it so hard because the only thing they really care about is the almighty dollar. The ELD is only going to make it worse. Watch and see how many more accidents there are because drivers are going to be forced to drive tired. It will force us to drive more aggressively also to make time frames which will force 4 wheelers to drive more aggressively to get around us and that my friend is where the accident rate will go up. The biggest thing i don't understand is when did we cross the line about not being human any more. We are forced as drivers to be perfect at all times, not even 1 light out or we get fined cause the 30 or 40 other lights on your equipment aren't bright enough for people to see you. What a joke considering the failing road system we drive on. Like I said it's about targeting us for money. If it was about safety they would have banned recaps a long time ago. Let's get real here folks. The only way they can make more money is create a market, which is what they're trying to do with the autonomous trucks. The only way they're going to start that market is to make us look bad or drive us out of wanting to do it any more. That's why they're trying to make it so hard on us and pick us apart. Stand firm Knights of the wheel and don't let them have their way. See them for what they really are. It's always going to be about Man's greed for the dollar not about safety. Safe travels to you all.

  17. 17. Marvin [ July 19, 2017 @ 04:57AM ]

    Hardly anyone is looking at the deplorable safety numbers of the large fleets. Even with the ELDs in their trucks the statistics point to the poor example of safety they produce. If the large fleets, or anyone else, want to use ELDs then by all means use them. However the government's own statistics indicate that this isn't necessary across the board for everyone. The safest, and most efficient, trucks on the road belong to the small fleets and O/O's and that creates a problem for the large fleets. So here we go with a "one size fits all" mandate from our illustrate government funded by the large fleet coalition.

  18. 18. Timothy [ July 19, 2017 @ 05:03AM ]

    If the law is repealed, will the government compensate us for the nearly 100k we have spent preparing for this, putting Peoplenet in our 33 trucks?

  19. 19. Kenny scott [ July 19, 2017 @ 05:29AM ]

    Sorry blood suckers Trump is here. The mistakes of 8 years of Obama Fmcsa is all on the chopping block. The Fmcsa is a is a fat inefficient group. Just look at the drivers on the road today and It is clear that the large under paying carriers cannot put qualified drivers In their seats so they wish to drag everyone to their level by the way of speed limiters ,cameras and ELDs. lets get the Dot physical fix also , the Fmcsa new system is a joke and a hardship on drivers.

  20. 20. BarbRRB [ July 19, 2017 @ 05:32AM ]

    I agree with you on so much. ATA must be getting a substantial dollar amount from those mega carriers supporting ELD's. With, safety! I am a firm believer that any human will push themselves, just a bit, to keep their good graces with their company OR an OO keeping the customer happy.
    The drive to be perfect. This is a big one to me alos. Being perfect in an un-perfect world. This is us, the driver at 100%. The ELD's should not be mandatory, It should be a choice. I am exempt in ELD's so I have no worry when Dec. 18 th comes around, either way. I am a firm believer that our Government has to much control over the people and needs to step back. I am for safety but a computer box will NEVER tell me when to drive or shut down. I have a brain, a conscious, a family at home. I have NEVER in the past 32 years and will never put my life or any one else in danger for a load.
    I stand firm on my opinion. The almighty dollar is in charge here.

  21. 21. Wes [ July 19, 2017 @ 05:32AM ]

    I hope not. It was your choice to jump so soon. I guess when the government says you have to put this chip in your skin to stay on their monetary system, like the bible says, you'll be the first in line to do it. Huh?

  22. 22. Wes [ July 19, 2017 @ 05:55AM ]

    I have reservations to be on a beach in Florida on Dec 18th. I would suggest all truckers to do the same. Seriously. How much are you going to take until you say enough is enough?

  23. 23. Don [ July 19, 2017 @ 06:00AM ]

    ATA has been selling owner operators out for years. Why would they stop now. ATA is the puppet for the large carriers. I'll put my companies safety record against any large carrier. What a bunch of sellouts.

  24. 24. Wes [ July 19, 2017 @ 06:10AM ]

    Thank you for your comment Barb. Don't you think if the FMCSA is allowed to enforce rules of perfection to us, shouldn't they be enforced to be perfect too? How many times have they been told to have something accomplished by a certain date have they fallen short? Too many times. They don't even have everything together yet for this ELD transition yet they expect us to comply. The system is allowed to fall short all the time but we are expected to be perfect. Where are their fines for not meeting expectations when ordered to? The whole thing is targeting us for money like I said before. I've paid out to everyone over a million dollars in the last 9 years for the glory of being an owner operator with my own authority with only one truck. I can't justify out any more. I'm done.

  25. 25. Beasley [ July 19, 2017 @ 07:58AM ]

    So -- finally I am seeing comments about what I have been saying .... There is no way that ELD is gonna make roads safe ..... Good grief .... Basically if your tired at say 5-6-7-8-9 etc hours well too freaking bad ... If you gotta go further than 11 hours ... Then you have to drive 11 hard hours and make sure to take your 30 min break ... Coast Into fuel stop ... Run into pay for fuel .. Leave out of fuel stop at 60 mph (um seriously I have seen this already) speed (if you can) but most trucks are governed .. Pray that there will be a place to park ... Not probably an option because now big truck stops have parking reservations (35.00 I'm hearing) so next ya look for a rest stop .. Nope it's full too .. Off Ramps (um scary) last option is on side of highway (scarier yet) ... Yep sounds super safe. We are a very small carrier ... And we will make it work I hope ... But my guys will no longer get most weekends off ... We will drive to the "clock" -- if your 34 reset is up at 3 am then they will have to leave at that time ... Ya I see un-happy drivers in our future .. Gonna have to pay them more to keep them happy ... And last I just question the implementation of this mandate (hate mandates). Maybe a gradual mandate for large operations to see how it is working then go down a size if its working (I highly doubt it) and finally the very small carriers .... But then again when has the government ever done anything sensible ..... Rates .. Yep we gotta get them up BUT it won't work .. Cuz the "Big Dogs" will still haul cheaper than us. I just shake my head and wonder if it's worth the headache and expense.

  26. 26. Wes [ July 19, 2017 @ 08:32AM ]

    Another good point to make is, the government is supposed to promote small business. Isn't that why the rumors of them buying a $800 torque wrench instead of a $50 torque wrench started? Here they are again trying to squash small business with all their rules and regulations that really haven't helped a bit. It only costs the small business man more money all the time. Imagine that targeted for money again. Isn't it amazing how many times that comes up. Targets for money!! So in reality even the big business people that moved their businesses to other countries probably didn't want to but were driven out of our country by all the rules and regulations too. I'm not a rocket scientist but does anyone else feel like their selling us all out. It's time to change the constitution to what it really should say. Instead of, "We the people, " its time to say, "We the government," and what we decide to give you. I thought they were working for us. Don't our hard working taxes pay their salaries? When did the government start being our pimp and telling us what we better do? I'm sure if we banned together the right way with some kind of leadership we could be heard and stop the insanity. Let me say again, cause I Don't want to walk around with a target on my back or end up with some uncureable disease, like people before. We need to lobby with enough voices to make a difference and do it the right way.

  27. 27. terry [ July 19, 2017 @ 11:43AM ]

    AND I'll put my million >> 2 million mile safe drivers over last 10 years,
    no preventable over the road accident, with out anything ( My Tracking, my route assigning, I dont do it, ) no black box, and my telling brokers he will
    get there safe , and dont call me at 0802 of the morning, questioning,
    If this is causing me to hire somebody to monitor their logs I have the ability to read pretty good, and review, paper logs fairly decently last 35 years, I DONT NEED A ELD --RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28. TERRY [ July 19, 2017 @ 11:47AM ]


  29. 29. Todd [ July 19, 2017 @ 11:52AM ]

    Yeah notices this article Gets comments from big companies like maverick and Knight trucking big companies they don't ask owner/operators also if they did a investigation on the safety record on owner/operators to big companies they could c that the big companies need a computer to tell their drivers went to drive and what not to drive because they hire idiots that don't know nothing put a driver on the road at two weeks what a joke! Maybe that government should look into that instead of us owner operators that are trying to make a living ! Also drivers think that we get shut down but that's what the big companies want us to do so they can take over our hauling !!!

  30. 30. Everette [ July 19, 2017 @ 02:54PM ]

    I've sat in orientation at Smith Transportation, and their executives bragged that in Dec. 2017 they will make more money ,because everybody will be on E-Log' s ,therefore the Owner Operators can't compete. He said that they will charge the shippers a higher freight rate,because they have over 120 new trucks ,and 200 trailers. Over 800 in the fleet,so owner operators can't compete,with having to buy E-Log devices.He said the they invested 22 Million dollars into the company,while the Owner Operators can barley stay up and running due to the new elog mandate. Companies like Smith made most of there money of paper log's,and now they want to put small competition put of business. How about If you have 100 trucks or more, you use that E-Log. That will be a true equal playing field!

  31. 31. Gary [ July 20, 2017 @ 12:45PM ]

    This is absolute rubbish. Small carriers have had 2 years warning and while overall the numbers will be high but as a "Small Company" their spend is much lower. Not to mention carriers who got on board with ELD's are paying more due to technology and tablet/phone based ELD's. This would be a bad mistake.

  32. 32. Craig [ July 20, 2017 @ 07:34PM ]

    Read the door on the back of a Werner trailer this week. It stated "Proudly using e logs since 1998". I wouldn't brag about the only reason you are still in business because of your horrible safety score in 1998.
    I would prefer the mandate go into effect for one simple reason. Lost capacity can't be made up by more trucks and trailers without operators. Let's just lose 10% and in 10 weeks there will be a couple of million loads sitting on docks with no one to haul them. Choose your rates and lanes.

  33. 33. Brent Stanley [ July 24, 2017 @ 05:13AM ]

    If the Government really wants to help drivers do their job safer, drop the eld mandate because it hurts the Mom and Pop companies and let the drivers go back to split sleeper berth.

  34. 34. Louis akins [ July 24, 2017 @ 03:57PM ]

    I agree stop the eld's it was a way for big companys to put us little guy out of business. Ata is nothing but a bunch of big companys that want the little guy comment on Gary's words listen company driver u have no clue about running a business I please think before u speak on something u have no clue about .but personally I think we should be able to do with the 14 hour rule as we wish .trucks are more comfortable not like 20 years ago than eld's would make more sense.but the real problem is .Trucking has turn into a bunch of lazy people that had no other choice but to drive truck.the true truck driver is a dieing bread.

  35. 35. Aziz Rich [ July 25, 2017 @ 10:28AM ]

    I think, USA not ready to use E-log... because in east coast area not enough place for truck rest .

  36. 36. Robert d Murphy jr [ July 27, 2017 @ 12:00PM ]

    This is nothing but driver harassment. Play me my two grand now. I've been on an ELD for 4 years. I'm tired of this driver harassment.

  37. 37. Robert d Murphy jr [ July 27, 2017 @ 12:01PM ]

    This is pure driver harassment buy me my two grand now. I've been on ELD with the small company for 4 years

  38. 38. Joseph Malone [ July 30, 2017 @ 02:14PM ]

    Of course the BIG COMPANIES are onboard with the ELD being pushed into law 12/18/2017. Funny how Maverick and Knight are on the front line pushing..... just sayn. I'm just a plane ole driver. I've seen some many changes in this industry since 1987 new hours of service several times and not to mention the CDL going in 1992. It seems like I've had to work harder for the same money. It the Mom and Pop Trucking companies that keep America moving.

  39. 39. Joe [ July 30, 2017 @ 02:32PM ]

    We need to have a law that you must be able to read road signs and speak full english. If that was the case you big co would be in big time trouble. Roads are very dangerous. You guys suck bigtime

  40. 40. Sean [ July 31, 2017 @ 03:02PM ]

    More then half these posts do not understand the trucking industry inside out. Most of my drivers time spent is not driving but rather WAITING at receivers.You are still going to have fatigued drivers REGARDLESS of the implement of ELDs because you cant force shippers and recievers to load and unload sooner. This ELD crap cant fix fatigue drivers it will create more restless drivers.
    Driving time will still be 10hrs or more

  41. 41. Abraham [ August 01, 2017 @ 01:38PM ]

    Sean u absolutely right think about the stress of loading/unloading delay time now run out of the hours and the shipper say u cant park there is a truck stop 30 miles so what can I do wait for the wreckler guy to tow me to the truck stop smh

  42. 42. John Carll [ August 05, 2017 @ 12:10PM ]

    These ELD's will bring America to a crawl, Run Independent truckers out of business and it will require team drivers in every truck to continue timely deliveries and run the wages of truck drivers down to minimum wage or less.

  43. 43. Enrique [ August 09, 2017 @ 08:02AM ]

    All I'm going to say is Kill the Bill for safety common sense reasons the stress that it's going to put on the driver's shippers and receivers is going to be unexpected is the burden not big enough as it is anyone implementing this ridiculous law for safety reasons what are you smoking

  44. 44. Rick [ August 15, 2017 @ 06:02AM ]

    Change the law to where if your sittng for over 1.5 hrs the remainder of stopped time does not go against your 14 . now you can get loaded and unloaded or even take a nap . legislate that the FEDs pay for costly equipment they mandate also if they say you have to stop after a certain amount of time they must build suitable parking for all trucks 100 parking spots every 100 miles should do it .

  45. 45. Gil [ August 15, 2017 @ 07:49AM ]

    They would like to run out as many owner-operators as they can for two reasons, one to get them working for the companies who if they quit then prices of fright goes up. Supply and demand need drivers need money.
    ELDS a lot of big money is going to make bigger money cuz there money is in technology and these devices plus programs are going to have to be bought have y'all noticed Mark Zuckerberg is all now super interested in truck drivers. He has money in this industry mostly talking to younger truck drivers even though owning a truck to a big company like Swift or Schneider still under the thumb of a boss. He's trying to hedge his bets and how much more money he's going to make. Isn't he in his thirties and already a billionaire because we the working class are buying the technology for our kids to progress and proceed and life. Seems to be a joke now cuz our kids seems to be getting Dumber about worldly audiology. Seems to me the more they stay in this technology and the new audiology way of thinking we're all in trouble this supposed to be our future but they believe that their life is a smartphone. A lot of kids today hasn't even experienced real life because of being lost in new modern technology. Don't get me wrong technology is great but the way this technology has been thrown out us try to divert our kids and to a different realm of life. Almost makes you think big money trying to get rid of the elders and made soldiers out of our kids because Lord knows the never be politicians

  46. 46. Gil [ August 15, 2017 @ 08:10AM ]

    I might not be the smartest tool in the toolbox but whoever is teaching these kids today on their driving skills, parking ,skills and where they park at on the shoulder or in between the get off ramp and the highway who in the hell taught them that. The lack of courtesy compared to those of us that I consider pre CDL days. When passing somebody back in my day we would let somebody out if we seen they was jammed up behind a slow truck and traffic was jamming up also wood pull our trucks up at the fuel Island and go Park to go in and shower and shave and eat. And I do not remember anybody emptying their coffee mug at the fuel Island for the next person to step in coffee maybe across the parking lot but not the fuel Island. They keep talking about being safe I feel they need to come up with a new truck driving school have you also noticed none of them newbies do pretrips. Very few ever raise the hood if they do it's to wash the windshield. And what is this parking at the fuel Island going inside shopping come back out but you stuff in the truck wipe off your mirrors do your windshield and go back in to wash your hands then come out to get fuel. One guy told me he was waiting on his elog to catch up to his break so he can get fuel what kind of damn bullshit story was that. I've been out here going on forty years I have seen a lot but today's new drivers from the past almost 15 years is making it more scary for the next 15 if we make it that long. Did not mean take up so much time but I just figured I get some things off my chest also. Words from me FMCSA and American truckers Association and any other Big Industry that interferes with Trucking all I can say is KISS MY ASS. Technology took away everything I went to school for like drafting Machining welding auto mechanics and so on and now they're trying to take away my damn career.

  47. 47. Gil [ August 15, 2017 @ 08:16AM ]

    PS. Not saying all new newbies but the majority I've seen some and I know who has trained them. Safe travels

  48. 48. Steve [ August 19, 2017 @ 07:27PM ]

    Elogs, nothing more then a well thought out scam to rob trucking companies and owner operators. If they are supposed to be so safe and cause less accidents why has the number of accidents grown? And why do 95% of those accidents involve vehicles with elogs on board? I've been trucking for 15 years, not one accident.......i know plenty of friends who have been trucking for years who have no accidents, so let's cut the bullshit on this elog mandate and call it what it is, a pile of garbage. The American truckers association is a joke, made up of companies who represent the majority of the accidents that happen out here. This is communism at it's finest, nothing more. Let's hire Hitler's offspring to run the trucking industry, the outcome would be similar I'm sure. I believe it's time for a mass trucking strike, let the ones who support this crap go to the gas station and find no gas, or to the grocery store and find no food or milk, America has lost sight of the value of our industry and needs to be reminded, and soon.......

  49. 49. Steve [ August 19, 2017 @ 07:39PM ]

    We have more accidents now because people on elogs are racing a clock. Everyday I see truck after truck racing through construction zones, cities, and parking lots. Never seen that before the asshole genious that brought up the elog device put it into trucks. Nothing on the market can prepare for the unexpected except alertness and defensive driving, something that is gone in this industry. Gee lets make it where a tired person can't stop for a nap, brilliant fucking idea for someone behind a 80,000 pound vehicle, how stupid are they? The death toll in the industry and on the roads is going to sky rocket, Mark my words people so when it does I can tell u retards I told u so. Get a fucking life and leave ours alone.

  50. 50. Steve [ August 19, 2017 @ 07:52PM ]

    And further more, when it's one of your friends or family members that is killed by a driver on elogs don't go crying like a little baby to anyone because u supported this shit. And the chances of that happening are very high with the number of trucks that will be on the road on elogs because of this rule. You reap what u sow, enjoy.....

  51. 51. Steve [ August 20, 2017 @ 05:07PM ]

    The big problem we have in this country is we have people sitting behind desks making laws and regulations on industries and markets they know absolutely nothing about. Segregated punishment is against our constitutional right, I said it once I'll sat it again, it's communism. Our government is supposed to work for the people, not the people working for the government. Wake up people. I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do, what everyone else is doing, sell all my shit and live on welfare. Why not? Everyone wants what I make anyways so screw them. I'm tired of making money for everyone else and don't have shit left when their done. America land of the free? Yea right, more like land of give us what you have.

  52. 52. Dennis Piilola [ August 21, 2017 @ 07:34PM ]

    This "mandate" is, like so much today, Bullshit.
    In addition, its dangerous and teems with UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

  53. 53. Mikey drake [ August 21, 2017 @ 08:06PM ]

    Guys it's like this.. the government is a child... when a child misbehave or they mess up.. what should parents do... fuck the mega.. call out the smaller and oo.. to shut down for a week.. the drivers will take the hit if the company's will.. hit the industry where it hurts... the mega company's can't keep up by them selves... if we make it sting.. they will feel it... 1 week is all we need... if that don't work.. fuck them.. make it 2 weeks.. we need this..

  54. 54. Randy [ August 22, 2017 @ 10:17AM ]


    Dear Sir,

    I would like to suggest a pilot program for independent operators that would be exempt from the Hours of Service rules.

    I started trucking in1975 at age 21 and have never caused an accident.
    I sleep when I'm tired, and drive when I feel rested. That formula has worked well for me in operating safely over the years.

    As an independent , I tell the customer or broker, when I will deliver their freight. They don't tell me.

    It is my understanding, that the carriers with the worst safety record are using ELDs. I don't want any part of ELDs. It has and will cause more accidents then this country has ever seen. As ELDs are installed, I have seen more trucks parked on the shoulder, causing more rear end collisions then ever before. I saw a driver going 20mph over the speed limit to reach the next truck stop before he timed out.
    Another driver was driving 15mph down the interstate so his ELD would not show him driving. Another accident happened due to the driver falling asleep cause they couldn't sleep when the HOS rules said they should be.

    The 34 hour restart is one regulation that is so counter productive to safety that I can't believe it still exists. One driver was partying the entire 34 hours without sleep.
    I can't make it home in 7 or 8 days while doing a coast to coast run,and I will not stop for a wasted 34 hours when I will be home in a few days. I'll take some time off at home if I want time off.

    A bus driver with 56 kids on board can stop his on duty clock when ever he wants. Why can't a trucker with 40 thousand pounds of dead meat? I'd like an answer to that one.
    Sent from my iPhone

  55. 55. Kevin Mullen [ August 23, 2017 @ 12:04PM ]

    This article, particularly the headline, does a huge disservice to our industry. We all know the likelihood of the ELD mandate not taking effect December 18th is somewhere between slim and none. Yet I met with a client yesterday (August 22nd) who handed me a copy of this article and cited as the reason he's continuing to hold off on ELD's. He's taking false hope from a misleading (at best) article. Truckers need to be acting now! They need a few months lead time to train drivers, dispatchers and back office staff. They need time to get the bugs out. The longer they delay, while others in their peer group install them, the more their CSA scores can suffer.
    There is enough misinformation out there without a legitimate source like HDT contributing to it.

  56. 56. Sergio [ August 26, 2017 @ 10:32AM ]

    I have only been driving for 5 years first 2 on e logs never got enough sleep always on the side of the road and always under pressure to drive when I was tired now I'm on paper logs I'm always well rested and if I feel tired I rest and don't worry about my 14 you only hear this big companies advocating for e logs because is in their interest just look at big carrier trucks they look all beat the he'll up their drivers are so tired that they keep hitting stuff who I'm subcontracted to is forcing me to get e logs this Monday honestly I don't know if I will stick around for berry long probobly will go local although this company has been great if not ideal to work for but I just don't feel like I can operate safely under e logs so fuck the asshole that came up with bulshit mandatory e logs you are behind a desk get some experience behind a wheel you shit for brains

  57. 57. Jeffrey newcomb [ August 28, 2017 @ 10:29AM ]

    I don't see were the eld is safe I have a omnitrack. I cheat it every chance I can it's not fool proof I'm hear say i day don't care who knows it's a computer it only knows what it is programming allows . I actually catch my self driveing more aggressive with the clock on the dash than when it was a book .I drive fatigued now because I have to drive . I didn't become a owner operator to work harder to work dictated hrs or be forced to purchase a service from someone else ,wich is communism ruled bi supreme Court when states took Obama care to court that's why their is a tax because the us government can't force anyone to purchase anything from anyone else .its in black and white read people and stand up for yourselves ,the constitution dosent say you have rights unless your a truck driver it says you have rights as us citizen .and the government has the right to regulate the goods not the driver

  58. 58. Mike Peterson [ August 30, 2017 @ 04:29AM ]

    Elds will suck I do a run that is 420 miles all two-lane roads takes approximately 8 hours driving time sometimes I sit as high as six hours to get unloaded and reloaded now before I get home I've got to take another 10 hours off bulshit what do you think I'm doing for the 6 hours I'm sitting there I'm sleeping now you going to make me stop for another 10 hours when you're not even tired bulshit

  59. 59. Mike Peterson [ August 30, 2017 @ 04:33AM ]

    I don't think anyone has thought in the rural areas there are no rest areas there's not a place to just pull over and stop all the little towns we parked full the trucks and when it's cold out or hot don't get to sit and listen to trucks run all night and how long you think that's going to last

  60. 60. John Whitecotton [ August 31, 2017 @ 03:59AM ]

    ELD's are not going to make things safer, as mentioned sleeping is a big problem, but also no one has talked about the weather. If you are in the middle of a snow storm or icy road conditions and would rather stop for a few hours until the worst is past you will not be able to. There are so many reasons this is a bad law it is unbelievable.

  61. 61. Ron Sadler [ September 01, 2017 @ 11:48AM ]

    I've been driving a truck for 26 years mostly on paper logs only a year on elogs I'm more tired now than I ever was on paper logs. With Elogs drivers are pushed too hard and it stresses you way too much I don't think elogs will be a good thing

  62. 62. Rod Janes [ September 03, 2017 @ 10:28AM ]

    Everything that Jeff, Mike, John & Ron wrote is spot on. ELD mandate is supposed to make the highways safer. Bull!!! OOIDA has been our voice in DC for over 40 years and they have my back. They tried to get this mandate kicked to the curb. It's not the 600 or 700 bucks for the device that bothers me. Anyone that thinks ELD and Speed Limiters will magically make the roads safer are living in a fairytale. I can't wait to read all of the exemptions and exceptions written into the ELD mandate. I don't remember who (associations, trucking companies and lawmakers) was trying to get the gross vehicle weight increased a few years ago??? Same ones that want ELD's and Speed Limiters?? ELD, Speed Limiters AND increase gross weight to 90k lbs.

  63. 63. Jerald Rubin [ September 08, 2017 @ 02:06PM ]

    Ok you want me to punch a time clock just like the factory worker. Untill the trucking industry pays by the hour instead of the mile, this will never work. Talk about stress, you will create more stress on the todays trucker than ever. When I was tired or sick I could afford a nap, now with the ELD and time ticking away no more naps waiting for rush traffic to die down. Push push push got to get through make every minute count. Ops 1 hour out of delivery but 45 minutes on the clock. Call the consignee 15 minutes out of hours can't deliver until 10 hr break. That gallon of milk will go up in price because transportation costs will increase. The government wants to regulate us by the hour PAY US BY THE HOUR.

  64. 64. Erman Palo [ September 13, 2017 @ 05:32PM ]

    The eld rule is going to bring unbearable stress to drivers .It is going to make highways very dangerous and if is applied to all the drivers is going to make them fight over a praking space on the truckstops.
    The representatives of the big companies support eld because that want to cut people on their offices and have the computer do the job for them. They don't care about the drivers staying on the road for weeks and even months and making the same money as they will make in a job at supermarket or fast food. Also the cost of goods will skyrocket. Please remember that the truck is different from a train, airplane or Shipp has his own specific.
    We need a rule that is going to work, not paralise the industry .

  65. 65. Kenneth mccummings [ September 16, 2017 @ 02:02PM ]

    Schneider was one of carriers pushing for everyone to have eld s but there had a truck to turnover in the dot scales on 85 below Charlotte NC so much for safety

  66. 66. Rhonda Messer [ September 20, 2017 @ 06:14AM ]

    I would like to know, what safety measures, are built into an eld? Can it put a driver to bed and make them stay in the bunk for 10 hours. Can it straighten out a jack knife. The last 80 truck pile up in Wyoming, they were large companies, 95% or better had elds, what did this eld, do for those drivers. This is not for safety, its for control. A CB is more of a peice of safety equiptment, but drivers dont even turn them on.

  67. 67. JA Foster [ September 20, 2017 @ 08:19PM ]

    The simple fact is, accidents will increase. ELD 's will force many many drivers to operate their vehicles out of their circadian rhythm zones, forcing them to drive, in order to make a time schedule. A machine can be turned on and off. A human being is a complex being who operates according to their biological rhythms. If this bureaucratic tinkering is enabled, you WILL see more semi accidents. In other words; driving under the gun is dangerous.

  68. 68. Colby Coen [ September 21, 2017 @ 12:47PM ]

    Mandatory installation of any equipment in any vehicle after date of manufacture is unconstitutional per article one, section nine, clause three, of the United States Constitution. No ex post facto laws. I have operated under a peoplenet eld from Sept 2011-Aug 2014. That little computer can rot in hell.

  69. 69. Alexander [ September 22, 2017 @ 03:27PM ]

    Government control for people and business this look like road to Communism or fascism I drove truck for 27 years like owner operator without any problem on the road. Now I need stop my business and put my truck for sale. Thank You government for your care that I don't never need

  70. 70. Tracy Courtney [ October 01, 2017 @ 06:28PM ]

    I drive faster to get load done. This is not safe. I don't rest on my ten hr break. This is not safe. I spent $ 750 for eld, $25 a month for program. I lose about 9 hours a week on Eld. How is this safe and how am I saving money. This ELD mandate is for large trucking companies only. I am an owner operator and would like to stay and owner operator. How can this benefit anything. I would like to see the safety record on these large companies just to see how they're doing. The only reason I see that they want Eld is so they will not get sued by the public. That is how this benefits them. Them being the large trucking companies. KNIGHT, Maverick, Schneider, etc etc etc.

  71. 71. Pat Flynn [ October 10, 2017 @ 12:54PM ]

    What's next telling us where we can eat or we can crap when we can make love to our wives when does this stop the government has a so segregated that no one will stand together rotten hell US government

  72. 72. joe doe [ October 14, 2017 @ 12:27PM ]

    The guys above are right !!!!! I am a owner operator that watchs these company trucks roll as fast as they can go. I know worried about making them miles before there eld clock stops. Put a man on a timer he goes as fast as he can go. No timer ge takes his time safely. What a deal mr no it all government. This is a no brainer. Some safe mode you've put these trucks in. All it is that big companies fill your pockets with big tax.

  73. 73. Jimmy [ October 14, 2017 @ 07:38PM ]

    I guess come Dec 19,2017 so all owner operator an maybe company driver going to have to come together an do a shut
    Down for 4 days to a week .that could probably change the
    ELD we dont need them in our truck


  74. 74. Deadeye [ October 22, 2017 @ 02:46PM ]

    That won't work.

  75. 75. Deadeye [ October 22, 2017 @ 02:47PM ]

    That won't work

  76. 76. Runaway [ October 28, 2017 @ 08:41PM ]

    Damn fool's that are proposing this law does not know nothing about trucking we make our money on the milesexplain how led will save money when tru is are forced to idle more most of us drivers have common sense to stop when tired how is it safe when your forced to drive before u could stop anytime and take a nap most accidents caused by cars it's a fact our government is screws up until we take a stand

  77. 77. Michael Henderson [ November 07, 2017 @ 05:21AM ]

    What they don't realize is that after the implementation of the eld law, there will be thousands upon thousands of trucks literally parked on the shoulder of the hiways because the dispatchers will be pushing us to maximize our driving time..... thus at the end of the 11th hour give or take for the safe haven b.s. a driver will be left with no choice but to coast to a stop onto the shoulder of whatever hiway he or she is on at that moment. Do the state troopers really want that? Come on Congress.... open ur eyes to the reality of the eld rules. Trucks lined up along the shoulder of the roads!!! How safe is that gonna be??

  78. 78. Wayne [ November 16, 2017 @ 04:40PM ]

    Well me as a driver of 31 years with 1 ticket and no accidents I will be hanging up my hat and go sing up for welfare

  79. 79. RaNae [ November 20, 2017 @ 05:31PM ]

    To all you truckers out their, that don't want a ELD, park your truck on Dec 18th, 2017. Show the government, they can't control you. Park it and see how the country will get along without you. We have to start standing up for our selves. STRIKE!

  80. 80. Steve Bussone [ November 24, 2017 @ 09:08AM ]

    This is not over yet... We need to come together, one voice, not thousands of different voices... This Mandate will put thousands of Owner Operators out of business... I was in DC on the first week of October, the General public has no clue what is coming... The dispatchers, and freight coordinators will be pushing for drivers to maximize their drive time, weather, or road conditions will no longer allow a driver to stop, this is what I've been saying since 2012 when this hit the news the first time... Another consern is the security of the information about our location, and commodity in transit... If a load is expensive enough it becomes a target for freight thieves, (example) a load of cigarettes leaves NC headed for WA could be worth about 3.5 Million, the driver has to run to the 11th hour, does not make it to a safe haven, parks on an on ramp, and goes to bed... some time during his sleep time he is woke up by a loud noise, gets up to investigate, is jumped, injured, or killed the load is stolen... all because the information about his location was sold to the highest bidder... This will happen folks... It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of WHEN... I'm not trying to scare anyone, just making a point, the same can be said for Haz mat trucks, or fuel haulers... Now we see my point... anyway, have a good day, and Drive SANE...

  81. 81. Peter [ November 27, 2017 @ 03:33AM ]

    The ELD is ran with a Microsoft program that I have seen was able to be hacked by the driver with a laptop and the USB port on the ELD.

  82. 82. john [ November 30, 2017 @ 10:27AM ]

    it should be a option if the companies can make a e-log work for there freight awesome but you CAN NOT LUMP all the rules and e-log in every freight out there there is no way a steel hauler sitting at a factory or GM plant can run a e-log they will be sitting at the canada border out hours never get home make less money the paper log or e-log should be a OPTION not a forced law into doing it all the same way...... if I get tired and go to sleep for a nap of 5 hours or need to stop and take a dump or am sick and take all day to make my log then that is my choice but now on e-logs you gotta run like a machine or you will be forced every day to sleep in your truck and you might be 60 miles to your drive way and have to sleep on a ramp for 10 hours then what drive home next day this is a law for for BIG trucking companies to force every one out and force CHEAP LABOR and FORCE truckers to sleep in truck or your fired!!!!!! the article shows MAVERICK and KNIGHT CEO well anyone who knows trucking knows those drivers earn like 800 gross on a full 70 hour work week they never get home and spend half there checks in truck stops eating or shower away from families that why half those employees are divorced and wives banging the neighbor.... maverick hired guys from trucking school making 600 a week gross no wonder they want the laws ASAP the owners make money driver get NOTHING and lose there LIVES in a truck as a slave

  83. 83. Richard [ December 09, 2017 @ 11:33AM ]

    It's not only the being babysittied the cost to our families in higher prices lower gross income hell even welfare money won't even go as far all the wasting of fuel sitting an extra day being stuck one hour from home they say safety how's having more trucks on road going to make worse this is going to cost our children even after we're gone this cost is in the billions to us but it is x forever let's show America who the bosses are back broker strike and help ourselves families and consumers from this robbery vote them bastards out there robbing us blind and you children and grandchildren will pay for it to let's vote all them out and Donald fucking Trump will have become just another political lyer

  84. 84. Terry IWEN [ December 19, 2017 @ 03:08AM ]

    Here are some comments I've heard from drivers. My head was hanging in my lap but made it back to the yard with five minutes left on my e-log. I was driving 70 mph in a 55 but made it back to the yard with one minute left on my e-log. I was driving to fast for icy conditions but made it back to the yard before I ran out of time on e-logs.

  85. 85. Mike Curley [ January 02, 2018 @ 04:38PM ]

    Just spent 24hrs in which I actually worked 3.5 hrs of those hrs and the rest in sleeper, because elog does not allow cumulative sleeper time only consecutive hr I am in violation and by the time I can drive again I will have worked 3.5hrs in 34hrs.

  86. 86. James Mcclure [ January 08, 2018 @ 10:24PM ]

    All this elog shit is stupid and not safe after 44 years i quit these dumb ass stearing wheel holder's can have it.

  87. 87. Anthony gillilan [ January 09, 2018 @ 06:37PM ]

    The eld isn't for the small companies. I have one truck and have to use the eld because it's the law.. all I do is chase the clock from the time I start my day tell the time I stop.. hauling the commodities I haul it's hard to do and keep the customers happy and my pay coming in due to the eld rules. My record is clean and I think small companies who are in compliance should have the option to run eld or paper logs.. all the eld does is push the driver to stay moving and not be able to stop when the feel they need to stop.. which causes freight to be late and drivers to be tired and rushed with there deliveries..

  88. 88. kerry Lysdahl [ March 29, 2018 @ 08:02PM ]

    this stuff has gotten out of hand because you do not use your constitution rights of the united states and you let the government run your life its the same with these trucking company's to


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