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November 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

The 'Greening' of Kenworth

With annual sales of $42 million, Veritable Vegetable, an organic food distributor, uses the T270 Hybrid in urban applications. Its straight trucks average 50,000 miles per year. It estimates it saves $8,000 a year in fuel using a T270 Hybrid.

By Mike Antich

Factors stimulating fleet interest in CNG- and LNG-powered trucks include higher diesel prices, stringent environmental rules, and corporate sustainability initiatives. Currently, there are 112,000 natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the U.S., and the number is growing.

Tags: Kenworth, Paccar, T270, T370, Ferrara Bros, Veritable Vegetable, T470 FEPTO, T440, T800 HD LNG, W900S, PX-6, Cummins Westport

November 2011, Work Truck - Department

Product Highlights: DEF Management

The new Warm Weather Atlas DEF Dispenser does not include a heated cabinet, which is required for locations that approach the DEF freeze point.

By Staff

This month's product highlights features diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) management systems.

Tags: DEF, Products, DEF Dispenser, Surface Heater

November 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Spec'ing Medium-Duty Powertrains for Optimum Performance

The 2011 Ford F-750 Super Duty, for example, offers the Cummins ISB 6.7L inline diesel engine with 10 engine hp ratings, ranging from 200 hp with 520 ft.-lb. of torque to 360 hp with 800 ft.-lb. of torque.

By Sean Lyden

These 13 questions will help avoid risks associated with spec’ing powertrains and achieve the right balance.

Tags: Engine, Transmission, Axles, Powertrains, Medium-Duty Trucks

November 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Pros and Cons of Gas Vs. Diesel in Class 3-4 Trucks

By Staff

Choosing between gasoline- or diesel-powered trucks requires striking the right balance between performance, fuel efficiency, and budget.

Tags: Diesel, Gasoline, Isuzu, Donlen, ARI, Associations

November 2011, Work Truck - Feature

All About Medium-Duty Truck Rear Suspensions

(Above) Freightliner AirLiner family of rear suspension options keeps weights lower and payloads higher. Maintenance-friendly features include double-bonded rubber bushings on moving joints.

By Staff

When developing a suspension specification, it’s important to determine what attributes are most important to the application.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Suspensions

September 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

Isuzu Gases Up N-Series & Launches All-New REACH Commercial Van

The gasoline-powered N-Series truck is powered by a Vortec 6.0L small block V-8 engine mated to a new, 6-speed transmission.

By Lauren Fletcher

Isuzu is in full production with its gas-powered N-Series and ready for fleets to hit the road in the all-new Reach commercial van.

Tags: Vans, Isuzu, N-Series, Reach

September 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Forecast of Medium-Duty Resale Values for 2011-2012

By Mike Antich

There is a shortage of medium-duty trucks in the wholesale market due to the low volume of new units ordered from 2007 to 2010. This inventory shortage is forecast to persist for several years. The net result is higher resale values.

Tags: Remarketing, Resale, Used Vehicle Values, Medium-Duty Trucks

September 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Calculating Commercial Vehicle Weight Distribution & Payload Made Easy

Moments provide a way to combine a number of components or items to calculate a CG for them as a group. When you know the CG distance for all of the items combined, you can calculate the weight on each axle.

By Richard Toner

Axle capacities are limited either by the axle capacity or the legal weight limits, whichever is lower. Performing a weight distribution analysis can achieve the proper axle loadings before a truck is built.

Tags: NTEA, Payload, weight distribution

September 2011, Work Truck - Feature

The Fundamentals of Spec'ing Trucks for Towing

By Sean Lyden

Despite being similar in size, medium-duty trucks offer a wide variance in maximum towing capacities - from 5,000 lbs. to more than 11,000 lbs.

September 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Cab-Forward vs. Cutaway Van: Which Vehicle is Better for Delivery Fleets?

By Staff

The choice of one truck type over the other depends on a fleet’s needs. Answering some key questions can make the decision easier.

Tags: cutaway, vehicle comparison, Cabovers

September 2011, Work Truck - Feature

What Fleet Managers Should Know About Synthetic Oils

By Sean Lyden

Brought to U.S. market in 1972, synthetic motor oil is produced by most major oil manufacturers. Differences between synthetic and conventional oils, including cost, are examined.

Tags: Associations, Synthetic Oil, Mobil Oil, ConocoPhilips Lubricants

July 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

Hino Targets Expanded Market Share with New Class 4-5 COEs

In January 2010, Hino completely restyled its Class 6 and 7 truck lineups (far left). For the 2012 model-year, Hino debuted an  all-new Class 4 cab-over-engine truck, the 155 diesel model (right) and a diesel-electric hybrid model, the 155h.

By Mike Antich

The 2012 Class 4 and 5 cab-over-engine (COE) models also include a diesel-electric hybrid version, which will be rolled out first in California, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and the greater New York City metro area.

Tags: Hino, Diesel-Electric Hybrids, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Telematics, Medium-Duty Trucks

July 2011, Work Truck - Feature

5 Trailering Mistakes to Avoid

By Tariq Kamal

GM’s resident expert outlines five common mistakes fleet operators must avoid to ensure safe and productive trailering.

Tags: Trailering, General Motors

July 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Latest Trends in Vocational Truck Fleet Applications

By Lauren Fletcher

Right-sizing and downsizing, use of alternative fuels, and the increased use of fleet management companies are a few of the current trends seen in the vocational work truck fleet segment.

Tags: Steel, Adrian Steel, Alternative Fuels, Vocational

July 2011, Work Truck - Feature

10 Factors to Consider when Spec’ing Drive-Axle Ratios for Medium-Duty Trucks

The gear ratio selected for the drive axle impacts the truck's available top-end speed, ability to haul or pull heavy loads, and overall fuel economy.

By Sean Lyden

There is a wide range of drive-axle ratios for medium-duty trucks. Considering drive-axle ratio impacts a truck’s top-end speed, load-pulling ability, and overall fuel economy, fleet managers must choose carefully.

Tags: Spec'ing, Medium-Duty Trucks, Axles

July 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Checked Your Lug Nuts Lately?

Each time a vehicle stops, a walk around should be conducted. Look for any items that may be out of place or failed equipment. The purpose of these checks is to identify issues before they become a major problem.

By Mike Butsch

Checking the lug nuts on a commercial motor vehicle should be a part of a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR). Indicators of a loose lug nut could be shiny metal or new rust. If the lug nut is less than hand-tight, the rim could come off.

Tags: DVIR, Inspections

July 2011, Work Truck - Feature

New Strategies for Managing Diesel Fleets

Idaho Youth Ranch's Gregg Crow said leasing new trucks was the best way to facilitate the nonprofit's plan to expand its distribution network.

By Chris Brown and Tariq Kamal

Soaring pump prices and new emissions controls have made running trucks and vans on diesel an expensive proposition. Learn how fleet managers and OEMs are responding to the high cost of lower emissions.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Diesel Fuel Vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles, Freightliner Custom Chassis

May 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

Ram Chassis Cab Named 2011 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

Work Truck magazine Associate Publisher Robert Brown (second from right) presents the 2011 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Award to the Ram Chassis Cab team, (left) Joe Veltri, vice president, Product Planning; Fred Diaz, president and CEO Ram Truck Brand and head of National Sales; and Scott Kunselman, senior vice president, Engineering. Shown in back is the 2011 Ram 4500 Chassis Cab.

By Lauren Fletcher

Work Truck magazine named the Class 4 and 5 Ram 4500/5500 Chassis Cab its 2011 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year.

Tags: Ram Truck, Medium-Duty Truck of the Year, Ram Chassis Cab, Ram 4500, Ram 5500, Awards, Work Truck Show

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Strategies for Dealing with Fuel Challenges

By Grace L. Suizo & Thi Dao

Fuel costs are a top concern nationwide, and more so for fleets whose operations require the use of larger, more fuel-consuming vehicles and equipment. Truck fleet managers share their strategies for dealing with escalating fuel costs.

Tags: OPIS, fuel management

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Cash, Finance or Lease: Which Truck Acquisition Strategy Works Best?

By Sean Lyden

Determining the acquisition strategy that works best for individual company fleets is a daunting process. Industry experts pose and answer questions to help fleet managers make this important decision.

Tags: Leasing, Financing, Mergers & Acquisitions

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

The Drive (Tire) Toward Fuel Economy

<br />Sixty percent of a drive tire&#39;s fuel economy is derived from its tread<br />elements, said Donn Kramer, Goodyear Tire &amp;amp; Rubber Co. director of<br />marketing for commercial tires.

By Mike Manges

Tread design tweaks help lower resistance.

Tags: Goodyear, Fuel Economy, Tires

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Mitsubishi Fuso Launches All-New 2012 Canter FE/FG Series Work Trucks

The Canter FG (left) and Canter FE Crew Cab models are ideal for vocational needs, such as dry freight, refrigerated delivery, municipal roadwork, landscaping, and more. Offering a 10- to 20-percent improvement in fuel economy, the full line of Canter FE and FG trucks include the industry&#39;s only five-year 175,000-mile powertrain warranty.

By Lauren Fletcher

Five all-new models were introduced for the Class 3-5 vocational market under the Canter name for the first time in North America.

Tags: Mitsubishi Fuso, Canter

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

PG&E Adds Hybrid-Electric Bucket Trucks

The bucket trucks are &quot;trouble trucks,&quot; the first vehicles to arrive on the scene in the event of an emergency or service interruption.

By Carly Lanning

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) added about 100 hybrid-electric bucket trucks in 2010 and has ordered 125 more as part of its fleet greening efforts.

Tags: PG&E, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids

May 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Are Natural Gas Vehicles Right for Your Fleet?

Verizon announced its order of 501 new 2011 Ford E-250 vans to be converted to CNG in October 2010.

By Sean Lyden

A growing number of fleets have already made the switch to natural gas after weighing the benefits and challenges.

Tags: Green Fleets, Natural Gas Vehicles, Alternative Fuels, CNG Conversions

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

How to Spec Dump Bodies for Light- & Medium-Duty Trucks

A contractor&#39;s dump is similar to a standard flatbed with short (12- to 24-inch) solid sides that fold down to create unfettered access to load the body.

By Sean Lyden

If a fleet doesn’t properly equip a chassis or dump body to handle a load, cost savings will vanish due to premature maintenance issues and greater risks to employee safety.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Light-Duty Trucks

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Decals Help Convey Professionalism

Decals, such as those shown above on the doors of work trucks, provide a professional image. Unlike paint, decals do not noticeably fade.

By Staff

Decal manufacturers can provide customizable options for updating the look of current fleet vehicles. One benefit of decals is the ease in which they can be affixed.

Tags: decals

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

What Staples Expects from All-Electric Medium-Duty Work Trucks

Manufactured by Smith Electric Vehicles, the Newton all-electric &amp;shy;medium-duty chassis &amp;shy;offers a range up to 100 miles, top speed of 50 mph, and a payload capacity up to 16,000 lb., ideal for short-range &amp;shy;urban delivery applications.

By Sean Lyden

Mike Payette, manager of fleet equipment for the office supply company, discusses his experience with all-electric trucks and factors fleet managers should consider when including such vehicles in fleet.

Tags: Green, Green Fleets, Smith Electric Vehicles, Medium-Duty Trucks, Staples, Battery-Electric Vehicles

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Sprinkles Delivers High-End Cupcakes with Mercedes Sprinter

The Sprinklesmobile has allowed Sprinkles to become a mobile &amp;shy;cupcake bakery. Employees park the Sprinter (loaded with 1,500 &amp;shy;cupcakes) at various locations in Southern California and &quot;tweet&quot; its location on Twitter

By Thi Dao

The owners of Sprinkles Cupcakes designed and upfitted their eye-catching “Sprinklesmobile” to reflect the ¬image of the gourmet cupcake chain.

Tags: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Dondlinger of Auto Truck Group Discusses His Post-acquisition Strategy

Guy Chollet, engineering manager, Jim Dondlinger, president, and Pete Taskovic, process manager, work together to ensure projects go according to plan.

By Staff

Jim Dondlinger, president of the recently acquired Auto Truck Group, discusses the company’s change in ownership, integration of Fleet Body Equipment, the history of ATG, and changes in the industry over the years.

Tags: Auto Truck Group, Procurement

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics Use in Work Truck Fleets

The in-dash NavPlus technology system utilizes a high-resolution, 7-inch color screen and 8 gigabytes of memory.

By Lauren Fletcher and Grace L. Suizo

Truck fleets can improve operational efficiency, boost driver safety, and reduce high-cost vehicle repairs by implementing telematics systems. Highlighted are some of the latest products available.

Tags: Telematics, Virtual Technician, Ford

March 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

2012 Nissan NV Raises the Roof and Function of Commercial Vans

The 2012 Nissan NV is available in two models: Standard and High Roof. The cargo area of the High Roof version enables a 6-foot 3-inch driver to stand upright.

By Lauren Fletcher

Nissan has been in the commercial vehicle market for more than seven decades and is introducing its all-new commercial van to the U.S. market.

Tags: Vans, Nissan

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Can Pickup Bed Capsules Effectively Replace Cargo Vans?

Maranda manufactures a one-piece, fully transferable workshop &amp;shy;capsule that, according to the company, features a &amp;shy;proprietary body anchoring system, unique water management system, and universal fit. Pictured is the Maranda V-370.

By Sean Lyden

Manufacturers that build pickup bed capsules discuss the advantages and limitations of the fiberglass-enclosed bodies and explain when fleets should consider replacing cargo vans with truck bed capsules.

Tags: Cargo Vans, Pickup Trucks

March 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Isuzu NPR ECO-MAX Trucks Return from Nationwide Tour

&quot;Whether you&#39;re a fleet manager, a small business owner, or just an interested member of the public, we wanted everyone with an interest in environmentally friendly truck design to see the state of the art in the industry and to experience the fuel economy these vehicles provide,&quot; said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America.

By Staff

For more than two months, the Isuzu NPR ECO-MAX toured the country educating dealers and service and parts personnel.

Tags: Isuzu, Commercial Fleets, Commercial Trucks

January 2011, Work Truck - Cover Story

Ford’s All-New F-150 Power Train Lineup Delivers on Fuel Economy

3.7L Four-valve Ti-vct v-6

By Lauren Fletcher

Ford engineers put the new powertrain lineup through a litany of tests to ensure complete compatibility with truck applications and durability.

Tags: Ford F-150, EcoBoost, Powertrains

January 2011, Work Truck - Feature

UPS Trademark Brown Delivery Trucks Go Green

Since its founding in 1907, UPS has been looking for the most efficient ways to operate. In 1998, it was the first package delivery company to employ hybrid-electric vehicles. Over the years, the company has invested more than $25 million in its alternative-fuel vehicle fleet.

By Shelley Mika

With the purchase of 130 hybrid-electric vehicles, the package delivery company grows its alternative-fuel vehicle fleet and increases its dedication to a “green” fleet.

Tags: Green, UPS, Gasoline-Electric Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

January 2011, Work Truck - Feature

ROUSH CleanTech Drives Propane Forward

ROUSH spent the past four years studying the market and talking with fleet managers across the country. The company projects that within 24 months it will sell 10,000 units or more per year. This is a combination of all of the Ford trucks, vans, and cutaways for which it offers propane conversion systems.

By Lauren Fletcher

Created with fleet in mind, ROUSH’s CleanTech aims to help fleet managers increase the number of “greener” propane autogas-powered vehicles on the road.

Tags: Green, ROUSH, Propane Autogas

January 2011, Work Truck - Feature

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Spec’ing Liftgates for Medium Duty Trucks

By Staff

Spec’ing the right liftgate for an application can be challenging. Here are helpful suggestions to ensure the right liftgate is spec’d for the job.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks

January 2011, Work Truck - Feature

Tiremakers Go Green with SmartWay

Yokohoma’s 703ZL tires are included on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of SmartWay-verified technologies.

By Mike Manges

EPA fuel efficiency designation is the hot thing in truck tires. While SmartWay-verified tires are mandated on heavy trucks, medium-duty fleets can also benefit from more fuel-efficient tires.

Tags: Green, CARB, SmartWay, Tires

December 2010, Work Truck - Feature

Adrian Steel Fortifies FMC Partnerships with Value to End User

By Cindy Brauer

The cargo management solutions provider partners with FMCs to bring enhanced value in product, process, and service to their mutual customers —the fleet manager and fleet driver.

Tags: Adrian Steel, Donlen, ARI, PHH, LeasePlan, Wheels Inc.

November 2010, Work Truck - Cover Story

Chevrolet Silverado HD & GMC Sierra HD: Strong on Heritage

By Lauren Fletcher

Fully redesigned for 2011, all-new control features, updated engine offerings, and added technology help these “mobile offices” keep crews safe and working — wherever they travel.

Tags: Chevrolet, Chevrolet Silverado, General Motors

November 2010, Work Truck - Feature

How to Increase Truck Fleet Safety

By Stephen Bennett

Focusing on driver training, proper vehicle specs, and safety technology are a few ways to increase truck fleet safety.

Tags: PHH

November 2010, Work Truck - Feature

7 Questions to Ask When Spec'ing a Service Body

By Sean Lyden

Service technicians utilize a variety of tools and equipment that must be kept organized and within reach. With the multitude of available options, these seven questions will help narrow the field.

Tags: Spec'ing

November 2010, Work Truck - Feature

Selecting the Right Cargo Van for Your Fleet

By Sean Lyden

The same van specs used for the past 10 years might not match fleet requirements today. Several steps are outlined to ensure the best cargo van is selected for fleet needs.

Tags: Cargo Vans, Spec'ing

November 2010, Work Truck - Feature

Kraft Foods Pursues Sustanability with Steps 'Big & Small'

Kraft requires all carriers to shut off tractor engines while parked at its shipping locations.

By Cindy Brauer

The food company eliminated more than 50 million truck miles globally and took the equivalent of more than 50,000 truck shipments off the road between 2005 and 2009, significantly reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Tags: Sustainability, Kraft

October 2010, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Navistar & Mahindra Launch Joint Truck Venture

Mahindra-Navistar’s new line of trucks include conventional aero-nose trucks for sale in the North American market.

By Mike Scott

A new line of trucks manufactured by Mahindra-Navistar for commercial customers in India may impact how vehicles will be designed for similar customers elsewhere around the world.

Tags: India, Navistar, EGR

September 2010, Work Truck - Cover Story

Isuzu Introduces 2011 NPR ECO-MAX Truck

By Mike Antich

The 12,000-lb. GVWR truck offers a 20-percent improvement in fuel economy compared to previous NPR models. The truck is lighter, which increases payload capacity and allows use of a smaller displacement diesel engine.

Tags: Isuzu

September 2010, Work Truck - Feature

How You Can Minimize Distracted Driver Liability Exposure

By Thomas Bray

Implementing and enforcing clear policies, as well as using common sense, are some ways to minimize driver distraction.

Tags: Accidents, Liability, Distracted Driving

September 2010, Work Truck - Feature

6 Cost-Effective Strategies for Purchasing Trucks from Dealer Stock

By Sean Lyden

Do some homework before making an out-of-stock purchase to avoid paying higher prices. Read on for tips to planning a dealer stock purchase.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Light-Duty Trucks

September 2010, Work Truck - Feature

21 Questions to Ask When Spec'ing Refrigerated Truck Bodies

When spec’ing a refrigerated truck body, knowing product dimensions, weights, and capacity is necessary.

By Sean Lyden

Critical elements in determining medium-duty refrigerator body specifications include maintaining optimal cargo area temperature and designing a cost-effective, energy-efficient vehicle.

Tags: Spec'ing, Medium-Duty Trucks, Refrigerated Truck, Truck Bodies

July 2010, Work Truck - Feature

Daimler Vans USA Launches 4th Sprinter Model

By Mike Antich

Daimler Vans USA has expanded its parts distribution network to expedite parts delivery, implemented a dealer training program for Sprinter technicians, and adopted a new ordering system for faster order-to-delivery.

Tags: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Daimler


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Market Trends

Mike Antich
Upward Pressure on Fleet Costs Threatens to Increase TCO

By Mike Antich
Recently, I conducted a survey of several hundred fleet managers to identify emerging industry trends. One recurrent theme expressed by fleet managers was the concern that fleet costs are starting to experience upward pricing pressures. Here's what they told me.

How to Minimize Unauthorized Use of Corporate Assets

By Mike Antich

Chatty Chassis

Lauren Fletcher
The Importance of Positivity

By Lauren Fletcher
We live in a world where we can tell anyone exactly what we think about anything with a few keystrokes. Why is it, then, that the majority of the feedback is negative? Why do people feel so much more apt to complain than praise? And, what does this have to do with fleet management?

Instilling a Culture of Safe Drivers

By Lauren Fletcher

Driving Notes

Mike Antich
2018 Chevrolet Equinox Diesel

By Mike Antich
The Chevrolet Equinox adds a 1.6L four-cylinder turbo diesel to its lineup of engine choices for 2018. The fuel-efficient turbo diesel generates 137 hp and 240 lb.-ft. of torque mated to a six-speed automatic.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

By Paul Clinton

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Adapting to a Changing Tide

By Sherb Brown
Fleets are often the beta testers of the vehicle market. That shift away from compact sedans we saw in the fleet market a few years ago is playing out in real time in the retail market right now.

Keep Realistic Fleet Expectations

By Sherb Brown

Data Points

Dylan Brown
What Are the Most Valuable Services Offered by FMCs?

By Dylan Brown
What do fleet managers value in their relationships with fleet management companies? The answer may surprise you.

Demand More From Your Fuel Card Provider

By Dylan Brown