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July 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Improving Driver Safety with Technology

By Stephane Babcock

Fleet managers are combining training and technology to ensure drivers are creating a safe environment in the cab and on the road.

Tags: Driver Safety, PG&E, Driver Training, Construction Industry

July 2014, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Time Capsule: Alkire-Naylor Cigar Co. Fleet Truck Circa 1913

By Chris Wolski

A fleet vehicle figured prominently in a 1913 advertisement for the Alkire-Naylor Cigar Co. of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tags: Truck Fleet, Fleet History, Historical Vehicles

July 2014, Work Truck - Feature

California Water Utility Weighs Leasing

Photos courtesy of Rancho California Water District.RCWD’s fleet mostly consists of light- and medium-duty vehicles, with a few heavier pieces of equipment for pipeline maintenance as well as a vactor truck.

By Joanne Tucker

In a push to decrease maintenance costs and increase the fleet’s overall MPG — and with the help of telematics data — this public utility’s fleet manager is putting a proposal together that would move the owned fleet to a full lease program.

Tags: Utilization, Riverside County, Enterprise Fleet Management, Maintenance Facilities, Motor Pools, Verizon

June 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Fleets Test VIA Motors' Plug-in Hybrids

Photos courtesy of VIA Motors. PG&E has been testing the plug-in hybrid pickups and is likely to make additional purchases to the four vehicles already in fleet.

By Paul Clinton

A major utility company and a telecommunications provider are testing the plug-in hybrid trucks and vans, of which the vehicle modifier is expanding production to meet the growing demand from fleets.

Tags: PG&E, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, VIA Motors, Battery-Electric Vehicles, Verizon

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

CNG Tank Tech: NW Natural to Test ‘Adsorbed’ Storage Systems

Photo courtesy of NW Natural.NW Natural will test new CNG tank technology from EnerG2 to see whether it’s viable in real-world scenarios, particularly for fleet applications.

By Joanne Tucker

Natural gas tanks and compressors have been fairly standardized in the last couple years because of the pressure needed to fill an on-board tank. But in a new tank technology, adsorbed natural gas storage systems could drastically change the market, allowing tanks to be filled at lower pressures thereby changing the shape of the tank entirely, and its future.

Tags: CNG, NW Natural, CNG Tanks

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

State of Alternative Fuels in Fleet Industry

Ethanol usage has led the pack year over year, with acceptance more than doubling since 2007. Total fuel consumed is measured in gasoline-gallon equivalents (GGE).

By Lauren Fletcher

With advancements coming in leaps and bounds across all advanced and alternative fuels used in fleets, look at a snapshot of the main fuel types. Learn about how these fuels started, where they are at today, and forecasts and predictions for the future.

Tags: Diesel, Biodiesel, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Natural Gas, Renewable Fuel, Propane Autogas, Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, Battery-Electric Vehicles

May 2014, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Switching to Natural Gas in Medium-Duty Trucks

When identifying ideal candidates for natural gas conversion within a medium-duty fleet, fleet managers should look for applications suitable for natural gas.

By Sean Lyden

Fleet managers must consider a wide range of options when deciding on converting their truck fleet to natural gas.

Tags: Freightliner, Medium-Duty Trucks, GE Capital Fleet Services, Natural Gas Vehicles, Ryder System, Clean Energy, Cummins Westport, Navigant Research

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

AT&T Conserves Water, Fuel Through Fleet

AT&T recently put its scheduled vehicle washing program on hiatus for the more than 15,000 fleet vehicles located in California until the drought declaration is lifted. Photo courtesy of AT&T.

By Stephane Babcock

AT&T has lowered its water and fuel usage, with a focus in drought-ridden California, by reducing its non-essential water use and continuing its expansion of alternative fuel adoption.

Tags: AT&T, California, Alternative Fuels & Hybrids, CNG

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Showcase of Vocational & Auxiliary Vehicles

Among the improvements that Ford made to the MY-2016 F-650/F-750 is a clean cab-to-axle to better position the gasoline and DEF tanks. (PHOTO: FORD MOTOR CO.)

By Chris Wolski & Stephane Babcock

Truck OEMs across the board are offering fleet managers a solution for nearly every vocational need whether they’re in Atlanta or the Arctic Circle.

Tags: Work Trucks, Vocational Trucks

May 2014, Work Truck - Cover Story

International TerraStar 4x4 Named 2014 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

The 2014 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year was first introduced in 2010 as a 4x2 version. The 4x4 model was introduced at the 2013 Work Truck Show, winning the prestigious truck of the year award just one year later.

By Lauren Fletcher

The Class 4-5 medium-duty truck features an Allison Optimized 1000 transmission, Fabco TC-28 gear-driven transfer case, and Diamond Logic electrical system.

Tags: Medium-Duty Truck of the Year Award, International, TerraStar 4X4

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

The 2014 Work Truck Show

Mitsubishi Fuso introduced the all-new Class 3 Canter FE130 cabover, which increases payload by 700 pounds over the outgoing FE125.

By Lauren Fletcher

More than 100 new products were announced at the 50th Annual NTEA Convention and Work Truck Show.

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Impact of New Higher Fuel Standard Proposed by the Obama Administration

The Obama Adminstration is calling for a 10- to 20-percent reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions, depending on vehicle type, beginning in model year 2014 and running through 2018. During President Barack Obama’s Jan, 28, 2014, State of the Union address transportation and energy security were themes. (PHOTO: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

By Sean Lyden

Fleet managers will see an increase in acquisition cost, which could cause many to wait before diving into new fuel technology headfirst.

Tags: CAFE Standards, Barack Obama, Fuel Standards

May 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Navigating the Secondary Market: Surplus Trucks

What may be an older truck for one fleet could be just the vehicle another company is looking for. Auctions may help get the most return on your investment. (PHOTO: LIQUIDITY SERVICES)

By Tom Burton

To get the most value from a used truck, fleet managers looking to auction their units should do a little research and be thoroughly prepared.

Tags: Used Trucks, Auctions, Truck Resale

April 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Ferrellgas Details Winter Fleet Challenges

Ferrellgas drivers are often used to working in snow-packed areas, but this year brought extra challenges in areas not used to the frigid temperatures.

By Joanne Tucker

Coupled by a higher demand, road closures, diesel gelling, and supply issues, propane companies were faced with seemingly relentless complications this winter. Ferrellgas stepped up to meet this demand, which continues to be a challenge in certain states.

Tags: Diesel, Winter Driving, Ferrellgas, Propane Autogas, Bi-Fuel Propane, Propane Transport

March 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Looking Toward the Future of Truck Bodies

Ford introduced the 2015 Ford F-150 at the Detroit Auto Show, noting that it will utilize an all-new, high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body and will weigh 700-pounds less than previous models.

By Sean Lyden

Innovative, new technologies and advances in engineering are creating lighter, stronger, and more fuel-efficient truck bodies than ever before.

Tags: NTEA, Ford, General Motors, Daimler, Lightweighting

March 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Understanding the Upcoming Truck CAFE Standards

As vehicle fuel economy becomes increasingly important to both consumers and fleet managers, the upcoming CAFE standards are requiring manufacturers to take a very close look at how they can impact these numbers.

By Lauren Fletcher

Following the successful adoption and implementation of the National Program for greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy standards for 2012-2016 model-year vehicles, the federal government is stepping up the program’s goals.

Tags: CAFE Standards

March 2014, Work Truck - Cover Story

The All-New Kenworth T880 Multi-Purpose Vocational Truck

By Mike Antich

The Kenworth T880 is especially suited for a variety of vocational fleet applications, including dump, mixer, refuse, and heavy-haul applications. The Kenworth T880 comes standard with the 12.9L PACCAR MX-13 engine.

Tags: Kenworth, Paccar, Paccar MX Engine, Kenworth T880

March 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Exploring Alt-Fuel Truck Options

By Chris Wolski

Today’s truck fleet managers have the option to go alternative with propane autogas and compressed natural gas. These alt fuels are a way to keep costs down and be sustainable.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Alternative Fuels, Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, Ford, Ford E-Series, F-Series, Chrysler, Natural Gas Vehicles, Chevrolet Silverado, Isuzu, Isuzu N-Series, CleanFUEL USA, ROUSH CleanTech, Icom North America, Venchurs, Westport

February 2014, Work Truck - Cover Story

How DISH Standardizes Fleet and Keeps Customers Connected

DISH has worked closely with upfitter Leggett & Platt to create a standardized, highly functional DISH-branded cargo van. The upfitter is currently developing DISH-specific packages for the new Euro-style vans rolling out on the U.S. market.

By Chris Wolski

A combination of standardization, flexibility, partnerships, and collaboration have been the recipe for the DISH fleet’s success.

Tags: Green Fleets, Utility Fleets, DISH, Vehicle Standardization, Propane Autogas

February 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Terracon Moves to Larger GVW Trucks

Photo courtesy of Terracon.

By Cheryl Knight

The 1,400-vehicle nationwide fleet lowered its total cost of ownership, increased safety, improved load capacity, and boosted driver morale after moving from smaller trucks up to ½-ton pickups.

Tags: Case Studies, Gross Vehicle Weight, Pickup Trucks

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

The Latest Trends in Medium-Duty Truck Maintenance

<br />New diesel emissions technologies, as well as upcoming greenhouse gas 2014 compliant engines, are anticipated to increase maintenance costs.

By Sean Lyden

How current and future challenges are affecting medium-duty fleets.

Tags: Maintenance, Emissions, Tire Costs, SCR, DEF, Diesel Emissions, DPF

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

2015-MY Colorado Will Have Work Truck Option

The 2015-MY Colorado will be available in three configurations. The chassis for the North American version of the truck is 40-percent lighter than the global model.

By Chris Wolski

The all-new Colorado will feature a rear-seat delete and box-delete version specifically aimed at commercial fleets.

Tags: Chevrolet Colorado, Mid-Size Pickups

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

6 Questions to Consider When Evaluating Lightweight Materials for Truck Upfits

Using the right lightweight material for the right job can help a fleet operate more effectively and efficiently.

By Staff

While lightweight materials have many benefits, fleet managers should pause and consider if they’re the right fit before spec’ing them.

Tags: Donlen, Knapheide, PHH Arval, Lightweighting

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Measuring Hours vs. Miles in Medium-Duty Truck Performance

By Lauren Fletcher

To achieve the most accurate insight into the wear-and-tear on a vehicle, fleet managers need to review all performance measurements.

Tags: Isuzu, Medium-Duty Trucks, GE Capital Fleet Services, ARI, Ram Truck, PHH Arval, Ford

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

6 Ways to Save on Fuel with Medium-Duty Truck Specs

By Sean Lyden

Achieving optimum fuel economy could be as simple as refreshing the fleet’s medium-duty truck specs. A small variation in fuel consumption can make a big difference.

Tags: GE Capital Fleet Services, ARI, Medium-Duty Trucks

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

Kenworth Offers a Complete Medium-Duty Lineup

The Class 6 K270 and Class 7 K370 are cabover trucks used for pickup and delivery, towing, refrigerated van, roll-off, and landscape applications.

By Lauren Fletcher

With seven models, three gasoline engine options, and three alternative-fuel options, Kenworth is aiming for the medium-duty market.

Tags: Kenworth, Medium-Duty Trucks

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

2014 Ram 1500 Features New 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel

The new 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel is among today&amp;rsquo;s most advanced diesel engines. Its emissions are 60-percent less than those produced by diesel powertrains 25 years ago.

By Mike Antich

The small displacement 3.0L EcoDiesel engine offers V-6 capability with lower CO2 emissions, while the 240-hp turbo-diesel mated to the 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic enhances fuel economy and range.

Tags: Ram 1500, Pickup Trucks, Mid-Size Pickups, Ram Truck, Diesel Engines

January 2014, Work Truck - Feature

7 Factors to Consider When Installing a Power Inverter

The illustration depicts a Xantrex inverter/charger installed on a utility/work truck. It takes store battery power and converts it to AC power.

By Xantrex Industry Education Team

Inverters can help provide an extra measure of creature comfort for truck drivers. But, there are concerns about potential damage to a truck’s electrical system. Here are seven points to keep in mind.

Tags: Xantrex Technology, Inverter, Schneider

December 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Case Study: Water District Reduces Operating Costs with Telematics

The California Delta supplies water to EMWD customers. Photo via EMWD.

By Shelley Mika

Forced to establish mandatory water usage restrictions, Eastern Municipal Water District needed to reduce operating and labor costs to make up for shrinking revenues from lower customer consumption.

Tags: Operating Costs, Case Studies, Utility Fleets

December 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Spec'ing Medium-Duty Trucks for Maximum Resale

A bold color choice may make a statement or be a means to meet a corporate need, but fleets that want to maximize their resale returns will stick with white. Photo credit: Ford Motor Co.

By Staff

Fleets should consider engines, transmissions, upfits and color choices to maximize total cost of ownership.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Spec'ing, Engines, Transmissions, Alternative Fuel

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

6 Principles for Selecting Upfits with Ergonomics in Mind

Service body trucks enable field technicians to easily reach the tools they use most frequently

By Staff

Spec’ing vehicles with driver ergonomics will make a happier, safer driver who will be more enthusiastic and better prepared for work.

Tags: Ergonomics, Auto Truck Group

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

How to Avoid Running a Truck Until its Wheels 'Fall Off'

By John Dolce

Truck lifecycles can be calculated to the mile and the dollar. This can help fleets replace vehicles at the optimal moment.

Tags: Vehicle Replacement, Truck Lifecycle

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Cabovers Gain Popularity in Medium-Duty Truck Fleets

The Isuzu N-Series cabover truck is available in both gasoline and diesel models.

By Staff

When deciding between a cabover engine truck or a conventional truck, fleets are seeing some advantage to the cabover, but still lean toward the conventional truck.

Tags: Isuzu, Cabovers, Medium-Duty Trucks

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

New Ways to Look at Downtime

By Shelley Mika

The age-old problem of downtime will always be a reality, but with new strategies at hand, fleets have more ways to keep trucks on the road longer.

Tags: Vehicle Selection, Pioneer Natural Resources

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Selecting the Right Ladder Rack for the Job

By Sean Lyden

While choosing the right ladder rack for a fleet vehicle involves consideration of a number of factors, including storage, van roof height, and need for accessibility, there is a rack available for every fleet need.

Tags: Adrian Steel, Upfitting, Ladder Rack

November 2013, Work Truck - Feature

All-New 2014 Toyota Tundra

By Mike Antich

The all-new Tundra was styled, engineered, and assembled in the U.S. It features a new chiseled exterior styling and all-new interior design. New for 2014 is a standard backup camera and Bluetooth on all grades of the Tundra.

Tags: Toyota, Toyota Tundra, 2014-MY, Light-Duty Trucks

November 2013, Work Truck - Cover Story

Double Cab Now Available for Hino 195 Diesel & 195h Hybrid

The Hino 195 diesel and 195h diesel-electric hybrid are now available as a standard two-door cab, or as an optional four-door double cab.

By Mike Antich

Hino’s 195h diesel-electric hybrid also won the American Truck Dealers Association’s (ATD) 2013 Medium-Duty Commercial Truck of the Year award based on criteria such as driver visibility, maneuverability, and fuel economy.

Tags: Hino, Cabovers

September 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Spec'ing Medium-Duty Trucks for Maximum Resale

Because fewer drivers can operate a manual transmission, the best choice with an eye to resale is an automatic transmission (above). (PHOTO: General Motors)

By Staff

Fleets can leverage the total cost of ownership through maximizing their medium-duty trucks’ value by spec’ing for resale.

Tags: Donlen, ARI, PTO, The Hertz Corporation, Medium-Duty Trucks

September 2013, Work Truck - Feature

All-New Class 1-6 Trucks Deliver Something for Every Fleet

By Chris Wolski

Engine variants range from a 3.0L diesel to a 6.7L turbodiesel. Fleets will also have choices among gasoline and alt-fuel powertrain options. By chris wolski

Tags: Toyota, Hino, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan, Navistar, Freightliner, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors

September 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Avoid Getting a 'Bad Wrap'

Take vehicle sizes and types into consideration; a graphic design for a truck will not fit the same on a small sedan. (PHOTO: Signature Graphics)

By Sean Lyden

Making a mistake in the design, material selection, and maintenance of vehicle graphics can project the wrong impression and be costly in the long run.

Tags: 3M, Vehicle Graphics

September 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Taking a Long-Term Approach to Designing an Emergency Response Vehicle

The American Red Cross is testing upfit Sprinter Vans (above left) for its new ERV. The upfit vans feature ergonomic seating and storage so volunteers can easily distribute supplies and food.

By Greg Basich

The American Red Cross collaborated with volunteers, students, and a range of industry experts to design a new vehicle for its Disaster Response fleet.

Tags: Emergency Response Vehicles, PHH Arval, American Red Cross, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

September 2013, Work Truck - Feature

FleetAdvance: Improving Fuel Purchasing Decisions

By Staff

Using real-time transaction data, Comdata’s new program can help fleet managers make smarter purchasing decisions, better manage fuel costs, and improve driver behavior.

Tags: Comdata

July 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Vocational Truck Fleets Use Innovation to Get the Job Done

One of the vehicles Mobi Munch operatesis the Mobi Cube, utilizing the Isuzu NQRHDDiesel chassis upfitted with a kitchen.The cab-over chassis measures 7.5 feethigh, 6.75 feet wide, and 22.25 feet long,with a detached air-conditioned cab.

By Lauren Fletcher

When envisioning a vocational truck, images of dump trucks, mixers, and garbage trucks come to mind — but, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some fleets share how they took vocational trucks to the next level.

Tags: Verizon, Ram C/V, CNG, Kenworth, DISH, Chevrolet Express, ROUSH CleanTech, Ford E-Series, Palfinger, Mobi Munch, Isuzu N-Series, Deli Express

July 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Put Your Swing Door Problems on a Roll

By Ken Czyzewski

Find out how roll-up doors can help improve your operations.

July 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Need a Lift? Remember to Spec the Right Liftgate

When spec&amp;rsquo;ing liftgates, ensure there is a large enough platform surface to work from. Check the size of materials or pallets that will be loaded.

By Sean Lyden

The primary reasons to buy a liftgate include reducing the risk of injury and the ability to increase efficiency and productivity. However, there are several points to remember when considering available options.

Tags: Idle Reduction, Waltco Lift Corp., MAXON Lift Corp.

July 2013, Work Truck - Feature

Extended Warranties Available for Kenworth Medium-Duty Trucks

The K270 and K370 are both powered by a 6.7 PACCAR PX-7 engine with a standard 220-hp rating and 520 lb.-ft. of maximum torque.

By Staff

Through Dec. 31, 2013, Kenworth medium-duty trucks financed through PACCAR Financial can receive an additional year of coverage.

Tags: T270, T370, T470, K370, K270, T440, Kenworth, Medium-Duty Trucks

June 2013, Work Truck - WebXclusive

Vocational Truck Fleets Use Innovation to Get the Job Done

Jimmy Bekis, transportation superintendent for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) is shown with the company&#39;s durable and reliable 1996 Kenworth T800 at the NTUA Mobile Substation.

By Lauren Fletcher

When envisioning a vocational truck, images of dump trucks, mixers, and garbage trucks come to mind — but, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some fleets share how they took vocational trucks to the next level.

Tags: Vocational Truck, Chevrolet Express, Ford E-Series, ROUSH CleanTech, DISH, Verizon, Deli Express, Mobi Munch, Isuzu N-Series, Ram C/V, Kenworth

May 2013, Work Truck - Cover Story

Isuzu N-Series Named 2013 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year

The NPR ECO-MAX offers a highly fuel-efficient diesel engine in a 12,000-lb. GVW truck.

By Lauren Fletcher

The N-Series from Isuzu Commercial Truck of America (ICTA) was named Work Truck magazine’s 2013 Medium-Duty Truck of the Year at the 2012 NTEA The Work Truck Show, held March 6-8 in Indianapolis.

Tags: Isuzu N-Series, Medium-Duty Trucks, Isuzu, Awards

May 2013, Work Truck - Feature

The State of the Commercial Tire Market

Of fleets that utilize medium-duty trucks, the percentage of commercial tires purchased varies, with 21.1 percent of fleet managers purchasing such tires for 21-30 percent of their fleet. Source: Work Truck Research Dept.

By By Lauren Fletcher and Chris Wolski

The market may be down, prices may be up, but fleets are finding ways to maximize their tire budgets.

Tags: Tires, Retreads, fleet tire costs

May 2013, Work Truck - Feature

The 2013 Work Truck Show

(L-R) Outgoing NTEA President Frank Livas, president of Brake &amp;amp; Clutch, Inc. passes the gavel to newly-installed NTEA President Shawn Jacobs, president &amp;amp; CEO of STS Trailer &amp;amp; Truck Equipment.

By Lauren Fletcher

Cold and snow didn’t stop more than 10,000 people from attending NTEA’s annual conference.

Tags: Work Truck Show, NTEA, Industry Event


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Market Trends

Mike Antich
U.S. Fleet Upfitting Industry Experiencing Uptick in Consolidation

By Mike Antich
The fleet industry in the United States is no stranger to acquisitions and mergers as we have witnessed with the decades long consolidation occurring among fleet leasing and management companies, automotive OEMs and their suppliers, and daily rental companies. The same holds true for the upfitting industry, which, in the first eight months of 2017, witnessed an uptick in acquisitions.

How to Control Rogue Spending in Fleet

By Mike Antich

Chatty Chassis

Lauren Fletcher
Pros and Cons of Truck Platooning

By Lauren Fletcher
The concept of truck platooning is coming over to the United States. With roots in Europe, modern truck platooning is the ability to electronically group trucks, or other vehicles, to travel down the road. Platooning can decrease the space between vehicles and can help increase overall road capacity.

Impact of Healthy Drivers on Your Operation

By Lauren Fletcher

Driving Notes

Amy Winter-Hercher
2018 Toyota C-HR

By Amy Winter-Hercher
The all-new Toyota C-HR enters the competitive compact SUV market with an eye-catching exterior. Toyota’s Safety Sense System comes standard; it includes safety features like pre-collision and lane-departure alerts and adaptive cruise control.

2017 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

By Paul Clinton

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Fleet Is a Full-Time Job

By Sherb Brown
The fleet management companies, the telematics providers, the upfitters, and the general service providers in our market can offer you some wonderful advice, but the only person who can really tie it all together is a fleet manager.

Size Matters

By Sherb Brown

Data Points

Dylan Brown
What Are the Most Valuable Services Offered by FMCs?

By Dylan Brown
What do fleet managers value in their relationships with fleet management companies? The answer may surprise you.

Demand More From Your Fuel Card Provider

By Dylan Brown