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March 2007, Work Truck - Editorial

Upfit Specs Can Reduce Workers Comp Claims

By Mike Antich

Workers’ comp claims resulting from use of upfitted equipment is on the rise. Poor upfitting decisions often result in expensive litigation to defend against alleged negligence.

March 2007, Work Truck - Cover Story

2008 E-Series Follows Ford's Tough-Truck Tradition

By Chad Simon

Upgraded for 2008, Ford’s E-Series Wagon and Van feature a revitalized front end, improved suspension and shocks for enhanced ride, new braking system for better functionality, and added safety features.

Tags: Ford, Ford E-Series, 2008-MY, Full-Size Vans

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

OEMs Improve Truck Brake Safety and Control

By Joe Bohn

Nearly all this year’s Class 3-6 commercial vehicles provide upgraded braking systems and/or new brake-related features and options.

Tags: Safety, Medium-Duty Trucks, Brakes

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Preventive Maintenance at the Touch of a Button

By Christine Erice

OnStar Business Vehicle Manager simplifies preventive maintenance for truck fleets of all sizes.

Tags: OnStar

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Guidelines for Biodiesel Use in Fleets

By Joe Bohn

Use of biodiesel is set to dramatically expand as production and availability rise. However, fleets are advised to stay within manufacturer recommendations when fueling new-model vehicles with the alternative fuel.

Tags: Biodiesel

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

How to Maximize Commercial Truck Tire Life

By Joe Bohn

While tires are depreciating equipment, fleet managers can control how fast tire value drops. The best way is to write, communicate, and enforce a tire management and maintenance program.

Tags: Truck Tires, Maintenance

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

What Fleet Managers Need to Know About Diesel Engine Fluids

By Sean Lyden

Diesel engine fluids, including engine oils, coolants, and fuel additives, are essential components in a consistent preventive maintenance program that sustains equipment uptime, minimizes repair costs, and increases longevity.

Tags: Diesel Engines, Engine Oils

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

All New Dodge Sprinter

2007 Dodge Sprinter

By Lauren Colin

The 2007 Dodge Sprinter offers expanded versatility, innovative new standard features, and safety.

Tags: Dodge, 2007-MY

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

The Future of the Light Truck as Chevrolet Sees It

By Paul Dexler

As the light-truck market evolves, manufacturers are evolving with it. Here is a look at some of what Chevrolet is doing to keep up with and ahead of the market.

Tags: Chevrolet

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Operating Expenses for Medium-Duty Trucks Increase

By Mike Antich

The high cost of fuel was the key reason for increased operating expenses. The spike in fuel prices also contributed to the higher cost of replacement tires and, indirectly, to higher maintenance expenses.

Tags: Medium-Duty Trucks, Operating Costs

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Eight Questions to Consider when Selecting Medium-Duty Transmissions

By Sean Lyden

With more than 25 different transmissions and more than 15 different engine options available, how can you select the right combination for your medium-duty trucks? Here are some guidelines to help.

Tags: Truck Transmissions, PTO, Transmissions

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

All New Dodge Class 4-5 Trucks

2008 Dodge Ram 4500

By Lauren Colin

Dodge expands its commercial presence with the launch of the all-new 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs.The new cabs are targeted at small business and trade fleet customers, and traditional chassis cab users.

Tags: Dodge, Ram Truck, Ram 4500, Ram 5500

March 2007, Work Truck - Feature

How to Increase Truck Fuel Mileage

Truck tires courtesy of BFGoodrich

By Harvey Brodsky

One simple and immediate way for truck fleets to save money at the pump is to keep their tires properly inflated. By maintaining the proper inflation pressure for a given tire size and load, tires also last longer and are safer.

Tags: Truck Tires

January 2007, Work Truck - Feature

Crew Van Adds New Functionaility to Express and Savana

By Paul Dexler

Work crew safety and comfort drive the new variation of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana. Seating for five that meets FMVSS requirements, along with added interior comfort, are all part of the package.

December 2006, Work Truck - Feature

The New 2007 Jeep Compass: A Step in the Right Direction

By Chad Simon

Jeep introduces the new 2007 Compass, a compact and versatile front-wheel-drive SUV that performs like its larger Jeep siblings, but with the fuel efficiency of a sedan.

December 2006, Work Truck - Feature

Ford Offers Vehicle Special Order Service for Fleets

By Chad Simon

Ford’s Vehicle Special Order (VSO) program provides fleets with customized equipment, service, and paint options not offered via regular production.

December 2006, Work Truck - Feature

The 2007 Ford F-150 Repeats as AF Fleet Truck of the Year

By Chad Simon

For the second straight year, commercial fleet managers select the Ford F-150 AF’s Fleet Truck of the Year. Always a popular choice for getting the job done, the truck is noted for performance, functionality, durability, and safety.

May 2006, Work Truck - Feature

What are the Pros and Cons of Biodiesel vs. Diesel?

By Sean Lyden

Produced from vegetable oils, the clean-burning biodiesel can be used in conventional engines with few, if any, modifications and is distributed through existing infrastructures.

January 2006, Work Truck - Feature

How Fuel Management Can Save Dollars for Truck Fleets

Yes, they have four tires and steering wheels, just like cars. But there are some differences between trucks and cars, and those differences impact managing fuel expense.


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Market Trends

Mike Antich
How to Control Rogue Spending in Fleet

By Mike Antich
Procurement studies reveal that 20% or more of total corporate spend is for purchases that could have been acquired at a lower cost.

Spec’ing Today’s Trucks to Meet Tomorrow’s Needs

By Mike Antich

Chatty Chassis

Lauren Fletcher
Impact of Healthy Drivers on Your Operation

By Lauren Fletcher
Health and productivity can go hand-in-hand. Think about it: the better you feel, the more you accomplish. We often talk about the health of our trucks, their lifecycle, maintenance needs, and costs. But, the health of the driver population is especially important.

When a Supplier Goes Under

By Lauren Fletcher

Driving Notes

Paul Lim
Audi Q7 3.0T

By Paul Lim
When I think of a seven-seat, three-row SUV, I usually wouldn't think it would be nimble. Even five-seat SUVs would have a hard time convincing me they were quick, but that was my experience with the 2017 Q7.

2018 Chevrolet Traverse

By Paul Clinton

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
Size Matters

By Sherb Brown
There is little doubt that the folks out there with 5,000-10,000 vehicles have a good handle on how much they should be paying; for everything from bucket trucks to sedan floor mats. But some of our recent survey data shows that vast hordes of the fleet market are paying close to retail rates for a lot of products and services.

Remembering the Coach

By Sherb Brown

Data Points

Dylan Brown
What Are the Most Valuable Services Offered by FMCs?

By Dylan Brown
What do fleet managers value in their relationships with fleet management companies? The answer may surprise you.

Demand More From Your Fuel Card Provider

By Dylan Brown