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November 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Acela's New Extreme-Duty Chassis

Acela Trucks offers two extreme-duty trucks, the Monterra 4x4 and the Monterra 6x6 (pictured). Both models were built specifically for use in extreme work environments. (Photo: Acela Truck Company)

By Lauren Fletcher

Trucks with a history in some of the harshest war zones are a perfect fit for extreme work environments, such as oil, mining, and construction.

Tags: Military Trucks, Extreme Duty Trucks, Acela Truck Company, Truck Chassis

November 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Versatile Vans Available in 2018

E-Series will be available in 2018 as either the cutaway or stripped chassis with multiple packages. (Photo: Ford Motor Co.)

By Lauren Fletcher

A staple of many commercial fleets is the van. From compact vans to their full-size counterparts, there are a growing number of vans available for fleets in 2018.

Tags: Cargo Vans, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV200, Nissan NV, Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana, Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Full-Size Vans, Compact Vans, Ford E-Series, Ram ProMaster, Chevrolet City Express, Passenger Vans, 2018-MY, Mercedes-Benz Metris

November 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Truck and Equipment Tire Showcase

Michelin is backing its XDA Energy+ linehaul with a limited fuel-savings guarantee. (Photo: Michelin)

By Tariq Kamal

Take a closer look at some of the new rubber on the market that helps keep trucks and equipment rolling.

Tags: Truck Tires, Forklift, P&D Tires, Linehaul, Multisurface Tires

November 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Latest Innovations in Retread Tires

Photo: Getty Images

By Tariq Kamal

Long a staple of the replacement tire market for trucks and vans as well as tractor-trailers, aircraft, and buses, new advances in manufacturing and technology have made retreaded tires an attractive choice for fleet owners and operators.

Tags: TRIB, Truck Tires, Retreads, Tire Retread & Information Bureau

November 2017, Work Truck - Feature

How Autozone Moves Parts Around the Globe

AutoZone locations are arranged in a hub-and-spoke formation. Larger “hub” stores are stocked with a variety of products, and are surrounded by smaller satellite stores. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Roselynne Reyes

The largest auto parts retailer in the world maintains a fleet of nearly 16,000 vehicles across seven continents. To manage it, the company makes sure vehicles are rightsized and well-equipped to handle deliveries.

Tags: Light-Duty Vehicles, Autozone, Fleet Profile, Parts and Service, Delivery Fleets

November 2017, Work Truck - Department

ELD Mandate: Day of Reckoning Arrives

Kathy Close, transportation editor at J. J. Keller & Associates,

By Kathy Close, J.J. Keller

In this, the “eleventh hour,” many companies still have last-minute questions on ELD implementation. Find out some areas of consideration including how to find an acceptable device and how to handle short-haul drivers.

Tags: J.J. Keller, Fleet Policies, Safety & Compliance, ELDs, ELD Mandate, Short-Haul

November 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Tire Prices Experience Upward Pressure

Image courtesy of Pirelli Tires

By Mike Antich

For many vocational truck fleets, price is the key factor when selecting the type of replacement tire. As shown in the past, when replacement tire prices increase, the retread industry benefits since retreads are significantly cheaper.

October 2017, Work Truck - Feature

How to Choose Racks and Bins

Image courtesy of Decked.

By Shelley Ernst

Racks and bins turn trucks and vans into mobile workshops. With an abundance of options available to fleet managers, here’s all you need to know about these organizational devices.

Tags: Van Upfitting, Ladder Racks, A.R.E., Dejana Truck Equipment, Van Equipment, Truck Equipment, Cargo Management, Adrian Steel, Masterack, Sortimo, Decked

October 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Terminix Makes Safety a Core Value

Photo courtesy of Terminix.

By Shelley Ernst

Safety is a core value at Terminix, and the pest control company demonstrated its importance by awarding one of its safest drivers a Ford F-150.

Tags: Pest Control Fleets, Terminix, Drivers, Safety, MVRs, Driver Behavior

October 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Roundup of Class 1-7 Trucks for 2018

Ford’s new Ford F-150 includes new safety options, fuel-saving technology such as auto start-stop on all engines, and a choice of five powertrains. (Photo: Ford Motor Co.)

By Lauren Fletcher

With 11 automakers to choose your light- to medium-duty trucks from for the 2018 model-year, Work Truck provides the need-to-know highlights to help you with your truck selection process. 

Tags: Toyota, Hino, Isuzu, Kenworth, Mitsubishi Fuso, Pickup Trucks, Nissan, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Medium-Duty Trucks, Light-Duty Trucks, Ford, General Motors, Full-Size Trucks, 2018-MY, FCA

September 2017, Work Truck - Editors Corner

What’s Your Future Fleet Strategy?

By Amy Winter-Hercher

While large scale deployment of autonomous vehicles won’t happen anytime soon, it’s important for fleets to formulate their game plans now.

Tags: Telematics, Carsharing, Mobility, Shared-Use Mobility, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicles, Fleet Forward Conference

September 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Tips to Secure Your Rooftop Load

Image courtesy of Rhino Rack

By Rhino Rack

Roof racks are a great way to carry extra gear; however, when it comes to carrying equipment on the roof, or any loads for that matter, there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

Tags: Ladder Racks, Rhino Rack, Roof-Mounted, Roof Racks

September 2017, Work Truck - Department

Top 5 Questions on DOT Crashes

Image courtesy of wikimedia commons

By Kathy Close, J.J. Keller

CMV crashes capture the nation’s attention and perpetuate the stereotype that commercial trucks cause or are involved in more fatal accidents than others. To mitigate risk and shatter this misconception, your team should be familiar with what is required of them and how a crash affects the motor carrier.

Tags: Accidents, Accident Management, J.J. Keller, U.S. DOT, Crash

September 2017, Work Truck - Feature

How to Get the Most from Truck Resale

When writing specs, companies should consider their fleet’s current and future needs, as well as what will increase the truck’s value down the road. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Roselynne Reyes

For some fleets, a truck’s value does not come up until it’s time for remarketing. But getting the most profit for these assets requires careful planning long before the truck goes up for sale.

Tags: Remarketing, NTEA, Black Book, Medium-Duty Trucks, Truck Resale, Truck Values

September 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Brake Systems: How to Pass a Roadside Inspection

Brake systems are so consistently cited during on-road inspections that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) devotes an entire week to roadside brake-inspection-only activity. (Image from Getty Images)

By Bob Stanton

Brake systems continue to be the system most responsible for out-of-service violations at roadside inspections. A well-maintained brake system relies on the technician and the driver.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Brakes, Automatic Braking, Brake Parts

September 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Maximizing Truck Security

Lashing points can be used for added safety measures, keeping items secured to the floor of a van, trailer, or truck bed. (Photo courtesy of Ranger Design)

By Shelley Ernst

When a truck’s contents are unsecured, it can be a major fleet risk — but upfitting and following a few common sense rules can ensure they stay safe and sound.

Tags: Adrian Steel, Security, A.R.E., Leggett & Platt, Cargo Management, Service Bodies, Stellar Industries, Cargo Theft, Ranger Design, Truck Theft, Truck Upfitting

September 2017, Work Truck - Feature

A Closer Look at Diesel Cabover Warranties

File photo

By Paul Clinton

Isuzu, Chevrolet, Hino, and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America offer similar standard warranties for their diesel cabovers, and provide additional component warranties to increase a fleet manager's piece of mind.

Tags: Warranty, Diesel Engines, Cabovers, Truck Warranty, Chevrolet, Hino, Isuzu, Mitsubishi Fuso

September 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Tips for Reducing Truck Acquisition Costs

Image from Getty Images

By Lauren Fletcher

One of the easiest ways a fleet manager can reduce truck acquisition costs is not over-spec’ing for fleet needs. But, there are a few out-of-the-box ways of thinking to further reduce costs.

Tags: Cost-Cutting, Vehicle Acquisition, Selector Lists

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Food and Beverage

Image of truck courtesy of PepsiCo

By Lauren Fletcher

Complying with both vehicle and food safety regulations, keeping vehicles on the road with minimized downtime, and ensuring route efficiency are all ways food and beverage fleets are leveraging telematics solutions to help with their operations.

Tags: Telematics, Regulations, Refrigerated Truck, Safety & Compliance, Food and Beverage Fleets, Food Safety

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Refuse and Waste Management

Image of refuse truck fleet courtesy of Waste Management.

By Lauren Fletcher

Refuse fleets often have set routes but drivers operate in inherently dangerous conditions. Telematics can help keep drivers safe and improve the efficiency or a refuse or waste management fleet.

Tags: Telematics, Driver Safety, Waste Management, Refuse Fleets, Vocational Trucks

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

How to Spec a Truck for the Application

Over-spec’ing a truck increases the capitalized cost of the vehicle, while underspec’ing increases maintenance cost. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Mike Antich

Work trucks must be viewed as earning assets, so it is critical to spec these work tools to maximize their productivity. It is impossible to “build” a truck that enhances user productivity if you don’t understand the fleet application.

Tags: Productivity, Spec'ing, Truck Specs, Liftgates

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Keeping HVAC and Plumbing Fleets On Track

Colepepper Services regularly updates its fleet in an effort to increase fuel efficiency and keep expenses low. (Photo: Colepepper Services)

By Roselynne Reyes

Home service companies offer a wide menu of services. This can require vehicles with plenty of space for equipment, upfitting to keep supplies organized, and a system that helps the main office keep track of vehicles.

Tags: Van Upfitting, HVAC Fleets, Plumbing Fleets

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Optimizing 'Bug Busting' Fleets

Terminix operates a fleet of approximately 9,500 vehicles, of which 75% are light-duty trucks used for service applications.  (Photo: Terminix)

By Shelley Ernst

Pest control fleet vehicles provide rolling offices for technicians, making them central to carrying out a company’s mission.

Tags: Pest Control Fleets, Orkin Termite and Pest Control, Rollins Inc., Truck Upfitting, Truly Nolen, Terminix

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

All About ICUEE: 'The Demo Expo'

The ICUEE show features hands-on demonstrations of utility and construction equiment both on the show floor and in the demo zone. (Photo: ICUEE)

By Lauren Fletcher

The International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) is coming to Kentucky in October and promises to be the premier event for utility and contractor fleet professionals.

Tags: Utility Fleets, ICUEE, Construction Fleets

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Benefits of Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets

Image: Getty

By Lauren Fletcher

Optimizing productivity, reducing downtime, increasing efficiency, and ultimately keeping drivers safe are just a few ways a telematics solution can help benefit vocational truck fleets.

Tags: Telematics, Utility Fleets, Refuse Fleets, Construction Fleets, Delivery Fleets, Food and Beverage Fleets, Service Fleets

August 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Preventive Maintenance for a Complex Cooling System

Fleets should consider monitoring routine radiator checks and refill practices and modifying these practices as necessary. (Image: Getty)

By Bob Stanton

Today’s cooling system is much more complex than in years before. Changes to coolants and filters are shared, as well as the necessary changes to preventive maintenance processes to adapt to these new products.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Cooling System, Coolants

August 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Utility Operations

Photo of utility fleet trucks courtesy of Wikimedia/USCAE-TAS

By Lauren Fletcher

The utility fleet industry is very labor intensive and often must help during emergency situations or during times of severe weather. Telematics can help keep a utility fleet going where it needs to be.

Tags: Telematics, Utility Fleets, Emergency Response, Asset Tracking

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Local Delivery

Local delivery fleets use a variet of trucks, from cargo vans to box trucks to trucks with trailers (pictured). Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

By Lauren Fletcher

Route planning and optimization, scheduling, and complete visibility into a local delivery fleet are just some of the industry-specific benefits of a telematics solution.

Tags: Telematics, Medium-Duty Trucks, Refrigerated Truck, Delivery Fleets

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Field Service

Image of Kenworth diesel-electric hybrid truck, the first used in a service application, which was introduced at the World of Concrete. Photo courtesy of Kenworth

By Lauren Fletcher

Telematics can help field service fleets with dispatching, asset and personnel productivity, customer satisfaction, and more.

Tags: Field Service, Service Fleets, Telematics, Upfitting, Routing, Dispatch

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Telematics in Vocational Truck Fleets: Construction

Photo: Creative Commons

By Lauren Fletcher

Construction fleets differ from other vocational fleets due to the types of equipment utilized, the heavier wear-and-tear put on assets, and vehicle/personnel use and planning based on site needs.

Tags: Telematics, Asset Management, Productivity, Construction Fleets

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Ways to Set Up Your Work Van

Logo: LaMar Norman

By Lauren Fletcher

Upfitters provide a multitude of options to turn your vans into the perfect tool for your trade, from shelving and storage to ladder racks and partitions.

Tags: Upfitting, Cargo Vans, Cargo Management, Full-Size Vans, Van Shelving, Partitions, Ladder Racks, Van Upfitting

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Strategic Changes for Extended PM Intervals

In the past, engine mechanical problems showed visible signs, such as exhaust smoke color, soot traces, or a new oil stain underneath the truck. This is no longer the case. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Bob Stanton

Today’s engine technology and hardware systems require a more strategic inspection than before. Preventive maintenance based on oil-change intervals may not be enough.

Tags: Preventive Maintenance, Fuel Filter, Air Filters

July 2017, Work Truck - Department

Confirming a Driver’s Abilities Through a Road Test

By Kathy Close, J.J. Keller

When screening an applicant for a regulated driving position, it is often difficult to know the individual’s true capabilities. Licensing alone is not a tell-all and unless you personally see the applicant in action you may have no idea how he or she will handle your vehicles. This is where a thorough road test comes in.

Tags: CDL, Truck Drivers, driver tests, CDL testing

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Smooth Operation Under Tough Conditions

The event, hosted by Chevrolet and John Deere, featured Silverado HD trucks towing John Deere equipment of various sizes. (PHOTO: JESSICA WALKER, COURTESY OF CHEVROLET)

By Roselynne Reyes

Chevrolet gave journalists the chance to test out the Silverado HD’s driving and towing capabilities at a press event co-hosted with John Deere in June.

Tags: Chevrolet, John Deere, Chevrolet SIlverado HD, Chevrolet Silverado 3500

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Beverage Hauler Delivers with Kenworth T370 Trucks

Since purchasing its first T370, Atlantic has ordered several new T370s every year over the past five or six years, including 12 new T370s in 2016. (Photo courtesy of Kenworth)

By Staff

The growing beverage hauler's 120-truck fleet includes an expanding roster of Kenworth trucks, featuring T370 route trucks powered by PACCAR PX-9 engines and Allison 6-speed automatic transmissions.

Tags: Kenworth, Coca-Cola, Food and Beverage Fleets, Kenworth T370

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Spec'ing and Selecting Service Bodies

Reading Truck Equipment offers a variety of service body offerings in both steel and aluminum. (Photo courtesy of Reading Truck Equipment)

By Lauren Fletcher

Become a service body pro by avoiding common mistakes and taking important factors such as use and location into consideration.

Tags: Service Bodies, Stellar Industries, Ranger Design, Cranes, Piedmont Natural Gas, Upfitters, Truck Upfitting, Truck Caps

July 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Importance of Mobile Truck, Van Marketing

Vehicle graphics can offer 101 impressions per mile traveled, and at a significantly lower cost per impression than billboards and radio advertising.  (Photo courtesy of Avery Dennison)

By Shelley Ernst

A truck and van owner's guide to mobile vehicle graphics and advertising. A vehicle wrap on a typical trailer makes 10 million impressions every year. Adding graphics to fleet trucks or vans can go a long way toward boosting brand recognition.

Tags: Vehicle Graphics, Truck Graphics, Advertising, Mobile Advertising

July 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Fleet Liability for Add-On Equipment

One way to reduce the liability of add-on equipment is to regularly review how equipment is used and whether it is needed. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Richard Alaniz

Employers put themselves and others at great risk when they fail to train their employees on the proper use of equipment. Failure to ensure that employees fully comply with equipment use policies can compound the liability risk.

Tags: Ergonomics, Accidents, Liability, Driver Safety, Van Upfitting, Truck Upfitting

June 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Truck Telematics: Beyond Asset Tracking

While a telematics solution can produce a lot of data, it can also help integrate various systems for more streamlined information gathering and reporting. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Lauren Fletcher

Most fleet managers know telematics is great for asset tracking, but there are many other underutilized components of a telematics solution that could be saving fleet managers time and money.

Tags: ARI, CalAmp, Element Fleet Management, Fleetio, Enterprise, Teletrac Navman, Geotab, Telematics, Telogis, Asset Tracking

June 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Know Your Fluids: Additives

The most popular additives used by fleets combat cold weather gelling, but additives can be used year-round for a variety of reasons. (Photo: Getty Images)

By Shelley Ernst

Keeping gasoline and diesel engines running smoothly and efficiently is important and additives can help.

Tags: Gasoline, Vehicle Fluids, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Additive

June 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Solving Medium-Duty Upfitting Challenges

By Lauren Fletcher

The number of available options, combined with getting exactly what is needed for your fleet, can be daunting at best. But, with some homework and research doing the upfitting job right can be easier than it appears.

Tags: Upfitting, A.R.E., Medium-Duty Trucks, Pace Edwards, Stellar Industries, Reading Truck Body, American Eagle, Dejana Truck Equipment, Truck Upfitting

June 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

Overt & Hidden Costs of Extending Truck Replacement

Vocational fleets require reliable vehicles capable of handling highly specific jobs, where downtime results in the lost productivity of a revenue generator. (photo: getty images/dead and living)

By Mike Antich

Extending truck replacement cycling parameters beyond stated fleet policy is typically a short-term tactic used by senior management to solve a budgetary constraint; however, there are long-term fleet consequences to this strategy.

Tags: Operating Costs, Medium-Duty Trucks, Replacement Cycles, Truck Replacement

May 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Why Aerial Work Platform Inspections Matter

Photo courtesy of Elliott Equipment Company

By Cara Eccleston

Although tedious, aerial work platform inspections can keep businesses compliant, equipment in service, maintenance costs in check, and workers safe on the job.

Tags: Inspections, Aerial Work Platform, Elliott Equipment

May 2017, Work Truck - Department

Roadcheck: How Secure Are Your Drivers?

Photo via fourbyfourblazer/Flickr.

By Kathy Close

This year’s International Roadcheck — a 72-hour enforcement blitz — is scheduled June 6 to 8. If last year’s event is any indication, motor carriers and their drivers can expect to see almost 63,000 inspections over the course of these three days, or about 15 commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspections on average every minute.

Tags: Cargo Management, J.J. Keller, Roadcheck, CSVA, FMCSA, Drivers

May 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Optimizing Truck and Van Specs

Photo courtesy of Ford.

By Mike Antich

Without fully understanding the fleet application requirements and operating parameters of truck and van assets, it is impossible to spec the best powertrain, chassis, and body needed to optimize productivity and total cost of ownership.

Tags: Upfitting, Vehicle Spec'ing, Ergonomics, Remarketing, Used Truck Sales

May 2017, Work Truck - Cover Story

What to Know Before Opting for a Full-Service Lease

One of the major benefits of a full-service lease is access to priority maintenance service and nationwide facilities. (Photo: Ryder)

By Lauren Fletcher

A full-service lease provides many added benefits beyond traditional lease options. Growing in popularity, there are situations where it may not be the ideal option as well as some common misperceptions.

Tags: Leasing, Maintenance, Truck Leasing, Full-Service Leasing, Lessors

May 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Cost-Reduction Strategies that Go Beyond the Asset

Photo: Getty Images

By Mike Antich

Fleet cost-reduction programs typically focus on the asset; however, there’s a limit to how much a fleet manager can modify truck specs without impacting the fleet mission. True cost savings are to be found in areas beyond the asset.

Tags: Cost-Cutting, Vehicle Acquisition

March 2017, Work Truck - Department

Top 7 Fed Med Card Questions

By Kathy Close

Medical certification questions perplex those responsible for qualifying commercial drivers. Share are some of the more frequently posed medical-related questions posed to J. J. Keller’s subject-matter experts.

Tags: CDL, J.J. Keller, Medical Examiners, Medical Cards

March 2017, Work Truck - Feature

ELD Solution Spotlight

Photo from

By Lauren Fletcher

To help you navigate the abundance of ELD solution providers, Work Truck magazine assembled a solution spotlight with details and information on several options.

Tags: GPS Insight, Telogis, Geotab, Sprint, Spireon, WEX, ELDs, CalAmp, ELD Mandate, Teletrac Navman

April 2017, Work Truck - Feature

Improving Truck Ergonomics for Driver Safety

Photo from

By Mike Antich

OSHA regs require an employer to provide a workplace (which includes upfitted work vehicles) free from recognized hazards. The best way to make a work truck fleet more ergonomic is to proactively identify and rectify potential issues.

Tags: Workers' Compensation, Driver Comfort, Ergonomics, Driver Safety



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Fleet Will Need to Reinvent Itself as a New Vision of Fleet Management Emerges

By Mike Antich
Over the past several decades, the purchasing managers of yesteryear reinvented themselves into procurement professionals whose function is now viewed as a strategic asset that provides a competitive advantage to a corporation. Can fleet management, likewise, elevate its perceived value to a corporation, especially in the eyes of its senior management? I say yes, and the timing is right to do so.

Deciphering the DNA of Award-Winning Fleet Professionals

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How to Stay Motivated

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For many, it’s easy to feel a sense of motivation at the start of a new year, but as the year progresses it can be tough to stay motivated, especially if you are feeling behind on your goals or feeling burned out in your day-to-day grind. Here are seven ways to help you stay motivated.

Check Up on Your Annual Goals

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Driving Notes

Chris Brown
2018 Mercedes Benz GLS450 4MATIC

By Chris Brown
The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 is the S class of SUVs. That’s expressed through Mercedes’ new nomenclature, which as of the 2017 model year carries the same levels across SUVs, sedans, coupes, and roadsters.

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Chief

By Stephane Babcock

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Fair and Balanced

By Sherb Brown
The mainstream media may have sold out lock stock and barrel to the fringe elements but as a fleet decision maker you still have some tremendous resources that you can rely on.

New Faces in Safe Places

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What Are the Most Valuable Services Offered by FMCs?

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What do fleet managers value in their relationships with fleet management companies? The answer may surprise you.

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